Independence Day is a holiday us Americans can’t skip, since so many of us have fond memories of spending it with the family. And we won’t, even with the pandemic still preventing us from gathering in public. We’ll just do it smaller and smarter: from the comfort of our backyard deck!

And to make everything perfect, today we’re looking into a few steps you should take to make sure your deck is ready for the holiday BBQ and celebrations. Maybe you haven’t used it in a while and this is the perfect opportunity to give it an update.

Besides, with summer here, having your deck in perfect condition is simply great – it’s the one outdoor spot you can rely on to relax, get some sun, and chill with the kids.

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. – Dalai Lama


The process of cleaning a deck isn’t very difficult or time consuming and should always be the first step you take before following the next steps.

  1. To start off, a power washer is of great help for removing substantial surface dust and grime. If you own one, great! If not, you can either borrow one or hire a pressure cleaning company to do it for you.
  2. After that, you can use a screwdriver or knife to remove debris from in between the boards. This might be a little more time consuming, but it will be necessary if you need to reseal your deck!

Fix exposed nailheads

In the process of cleaning you might spot exposed nailheads or screws, which not only look unappealing but can also scrape against furniture, appliances or even people, causing harm to anyone unlucky enough to get close. 

These should be dealt with immediately, since this is also necessary for the purposes of painting, sealing and staining your deck, not mentioning keeping you and your children safe.


With everything clean, it’s time to consider deck repairs. Broken or loose boards are the most common ones, but you might also be looking to replace rusty nails. If the deck seems to be in good condition otherwise, you can continue.

If you think it does need repairs though, consider asking a professional for free quotes and go from there. You’ll immediately know what to do, how much it will cost, and your deck could potentially be ready before July 4th if all goes well.

Sealing and staining

Sealing your deck is the process of applying a protective coating that makes it more resilient to outdoor conditions such as low or high temperatures, weather, and exposure to water. Wooden boards can easily absorb water and in the long run this makes them much weaker and prone to mold growth. 

Sealing the wood blocks the water from getting in, which in turn also prevents the wood from rotting and molding over time.

The process can be done DIY style and we’ve explained how to seal a deck before. Give it a read and maybe you can get it done yourself in a few days! If you don’t have the time or patience for this, you can easily request a free quote from a professional. 


Now that the hardest parts are done, it’s time to go for a LIGHThearted topic – see what I did there?

You’ll most likely spend the night with the family on your deck, so it’s important to have it properly lit. And there’s no mystery either: consider installing a simple light string. It looks awesome as a decorative element to your deck on a night of celebration, on top of being very easy to set up and cheap to acquire.


Everyone loves a good 4th of July BBQ or burger on grill, but you have to take some measures to protect your deck from the heat – particularly from abrasive oils or the occasional spark. This can easily stain the wood or even permanently damage it.

Sealing will already help, but you can take the extra step of using protective non-flammable pads for your deck and any nearby plants or shrubs, especially since the latter can become fire hazards under certain conditions. 

Need help in repairing, painting or sealing your deck before 4th of July? Ask a deck expert for free quotes today to get the project done just in time!


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