3 Proven Techniques to Get More Repeat Customers

Developing a dependable list of repeat customers is one of the best ways to separate yourself...

Developing a dependable list of repeat customers is one of the best ways to separate yourself from the competition and grow your business. Use these techniques to do just that!

Repeat customers are the foundation that your business success is based on.

Being able to sell your services to a homeowner shows that you’re a skilled salesman.

Being able to get your name well known in the community shows that you’re good at marketing.


Being able to get a solid list of repeat customers, however, shows that your company has the quality, dependability, and staying power that customers are looking for from their contractors. Even better, having a dependable group of repeat customers is the best ways to keep business flowing all year round and keep positive reviews spreading to new customers every day.

So how do you build up a stable of repeat customers to see all these benefits? Well, there are a few different ways that have worked for quite a few different companies and while it’s not an exact science, we’ve put together this quick guide to help you on your way! Take some time to consider a few of these strategies and soon your company will be enjoying immediate success and long-term growth!

Stay in Touch


For 99% of your customers, your business exists from the time they start looking for a contractor to the time your truck pulls away. After that it’s your job to stay connected and foster a relationship that will turn into future jobs.

There is a balancing act when it comes to these on-going interactions, though. Too many emails, too much salesmanship, too pushy of a tone and you’re going to come off as desperate and irritating. Too few or too impersonal in your messages and you’re going to be forgotten or ignored.

When you’re reaching out to your customers, keep your activity regular and as personal as possible. Between email newsletters, social media accounts, and nice gestures like sending out Christmas cards to your customers, you can keep your company in their life for much longer and have a much easier time earning their business in the future.

Check on Satisfaction


We’ve mentioned this before, but knowing how your customers feel about your service is too important to ignore. While open communication during the work is important it’s just as valuable to give quick check-ins after the service is over.

Brief, friendly messages a few months after you perform a service to make sure they’re still satisfied with it show that you care about their happiness and not just their money. They also give you the perfect opportunity to find out about any other projects they might need done or any friends who could use a service like yours. Entrepreneurs have been using this technique for years now and while it’s easy to get busy focusing on your business, it’s a huge step up on your confirmation if you can make time to have these conversations.

Quality is Always King


Ultimately the most important step you can take to get more repeat customers is to provide the best service you can.

There have been plenty of studies over the years that all prove that customers are much more likely to remember and talk about poor service then they are to remember and talk about good service. That means that you’re going to have to deliver top quality service both on the job and in all your customer interactions to make sure that you leave a lasting impression.

Mediocre quality work can be found from a hundred different contractors, even good quality results can be delivered by a good number of companies. To keep your customers coming back when they need future services, raving about you online, and telling all their friends about the positive experience they had with you, you need to go above and beyond.

Making a repeat customer is easy when the service they received is something that they’re sure to want again. So make sure that with each and every one of your customers you’re laying the groundwork for years of repeat business and referrals.