Why You Need Quality Copywriting for Business Success

Copywriting is one of the major factors to drawing in new customers and knowing how to do it well can make or break your company. Learn how to write the perfect ad copy for your business with this introductory guide.

The copywriting your company releases represents the voice of yourself and your entire crew to everyone thinking about using your service. While there’s a certain science to getting your company noticed by customers in the first place (we’ll talk about that in a couple weeks, don’t worry) good, impactful copywriting is what keeps a customer on your page and ultimately plays a big role in earning their business.

That’s why today we’re going to go over some of the essential keys to quality, persuasive copywriting which will help to bring your company more customers and more of an edge with beating your competition!


What is Copywriting?

Simply put, copywriting is writing designed to sell your service. In all of your marketing work, all of your social media accounts, and all of your different advertisements you’re going to be using copywriting to achieve two goals: convince and convert.


First and foremost your copy needs to convince people that you’re the right company to hire. There are a lot of ways to do that from highlighting your company’s experience to showcasing how much you understand your customers, but everything you write for customers should ultimately convince them that you’re the exact company they’re looking for.


For experienced marketing professionals, this is the time to recognize and throw a spotlight on your company’s unique selling point. In common terms, that means focusing your copy on the thing that really sets you apart from everyone else. Unique selling points (USPs) you might want to embrace include:

  • Experience
  • Local Establishment
  • Service Versatility
  • Service Speciality
  • Affordability
  • Service Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction

You may not have realized it but you’ve encountered good and bad examples of this attempt at convincing everywhere in your day to day life. If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at a commercial that’s full of cliches or obvious exaggerations (think of infomercials) then you can tell how bad bad copywriting can be. On the other hand, if you’ve ever been convinced to buy a product you’d never tried before or go to a brand new restaurant you heard about then you were drawn in by good copywriting. Keep an eye on the advertisements around you, especially your competitors, and try to learn from what they’re doing. How does it make you feel about their service?


Once you’ve caught your customers attention and convinced them that you’re the right company for them you need to make it as easy as possible for them to convert from potential customer to customer. Even the most persuasive copy in the world is pointless if people have can’t get the services or products you’re offering. To convert as many potential customers as possible into satisfied customers who will hire you again and again it’s important to establish a simple, easy to follow call to action.


A call to action (CTA) is, quite simply, a request for your potential customer to do something. In this case, you're asking homeowners to hire you for their project. It’s very easy to forget how important this one point is, or to simply assume that your potential customers will know what to do next if they’d like more information but in this modern age where offers and advertisements are everywhere, being clear and compelling is an absolute must.

When you’re developing your CTA focus on your customer’s goals and offer them the chance to directly impact them. This will vary from service to service and campaign to campaign, of course, but should always create a sense of urgency and confidence in the customer. Some compelling CTAs include:

  • Click here for your free estimate!
  • Call our experts today!
  • Get half off your home remodel today!
  • Click to protect your home today!
  • Call to schedule your consultation!
  • Find the perfect contractor for your project!
  • Love your home again! Call us to get started!

Notice how these examples appeal to different concerns: costs, quality, availability, caring, etc. When your customers see their own thoughts addressed in your copy they feel more confident that you’re the right person to hire. However, these examples also create a sense of urgency of action which is crucial to establish. Why? Once a potential customer has moved on from your advertisement, email, etc. they’re going to be faced with hundreds of other companies trying to get their attention so converting a potential customer into a customer quickly is always the focus. Creating this sense of urgency can be done a number of ways though old favorites like short-term sales and special deals will always be useful tools.

Ultimately, quality, persuasive copywriting is a tool which your company can't afford to ignore or misuse. This introductory guide should have provided you with some fundamental knowledge to begin with but there's always more to learn and fine-tune. If you'd like to learn more about copywriting, or any other aspects of managing your business leave us a comment below and we'll be sure to discuss it!