What are the acceptable reasons to get a lead refund?

To make it easy for contractors signing up with us, we’ve detailed below a list explaining all of the acceptable reasons for which you can request a refund on one of our leads.


If you still have any doubts, read until the end to find other ways you can contact us.

1. Contact information on the lead is wrong or disconnected

This is the case when the phone number you’ve received on the lead is claimed to not exist when you try calling or is incorrect (leads to someone who didn’t request a lead). This is most likely due to the person who asked for the service providing incorrect information.

2. Service/Category outside scope

When you sign up we ask you to tell us exactly which services you provide so we can connect you to potential customers in need of those services. If you receive a lead that is not within the categories you’ve chosen, you can ask for a refund.

You can add or remove services to your account at any time in the homeyou pro dashboard.

3. The lead is for a zip code outside the coverage

This is very similar to the point above. When you sign up we will ask you the zip code for the area you cover with your services. You can ask for a refund if the lead you receive is outside your area of coverage, but keep in mind we consider your area of coverage the area you register when you sign up, or the last update you did either by talking to an account manager, or directly changing it in the homeyou pro dashboard.

4. The lead was created by a contractor testing the system

In that case, there isn’t an actual lead to follow. We do not recommend testing the system this way — when in doubt, ask us directly and we will do our best to help you.

We’ve listed the best ways to contact us below.

5. The lead was for commercial work, which I indicated I cannot perform due to licensing restrictions

Similar to points 2 and 3, this is a case where you were connected to a service you’ve already indicated you cannot perform — which means you can request a refund.

Just make sure you have this information in your account. It’s the only way we can direct you to the services you can perform without any issues. Otherwise you might keep getting services of the same nature — and we can only follow through with a refund if the information on your account is correct.

6. The person requesting the service does not own the home and cannot authorize work to be performed

If the person cannot authorize work to be done, you cannot move forward with the service. If there is no way to settle this with the person requesting the service, you can request a refund.

7. The homeowner did not make the request

In the case of you calling a homeowner who did not make a request when following one of our leads, you can request a refund. Whenever this happens, it’s usually due to a different homeowner inputting incorrect information by accident when requesting a service.

In some causes you will simply get a non-existent number (for which you can also get a refund), but sometimes you might get connected to a random person — homeowner or not — who never requested any service. If that’s the case, you can request a refund.

8. I received a lead from the same homeowner twice from homeyou in the past 30 days

Homeowners will sometimes try requesting for more than one service — or they might get impatient and try asking for the same one again. In such cases there’s a chance you will get a lead for the same homeowner twice since they’re requesting the same service for the same area a second time.

Whatever the reason, if you have received a lead for the same homeowner twice in the last 30 days, you can request a refund of the repeated lead.

Still have doubts? Let us know!

If there’s still something you don’t understand about our refund policy, here’s what you can do:

  • Read our refund policy in full here
  • Leave a comment below and we’ll reply
  • or call our support team at 1-844-HOMEYOU

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