5 Ways To Better Use Your Phone for Business

We carry around in our pockets devices almost as powerful as desktop computers, and most people don’t realize the potential they have. Smartphones have become the new standard for mobile phones and it would be a crime not to take full advantage of all their features.

But for contractors on the job, what more can we do with smartphones?

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What Your Customers Are Looking For In A Contractor

It’s easy to assume the only thing customers really care about is that the job gets done in the end. While delivering on your service is obviously a big deal, there’s a lot customers expect to see along the way — an overall professional attitude that will determine whether or not they enjoyed working with you, and the most important part, if they would recommend your work to others.

The first thing you’ll notice is that these seem obvious on the surface. And yes, they are somewhat obvious, but many contractors tend to “relax” once they’ve secured the deal and open themselves up for these kinds of mistakes.

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How to Put Your Profile Pages to Work

Social networking is important for almost any business in modern days, but not many know how to use it to its full potential. And you’d be forgiven for thinking one of two things: first, that social networking takes up too much time and you’re already too busy, or second, that social networking actually takes no effort at all, so sure, you can do it in your free time.

It’s neither one, nor the other.

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How To Handle Multiple Jobs At Once

So you have a busy week, either because of a spike in job offers or simply because your business is booming. The best thing that can happen right now is that next week will be just as busy, and to be honest, that’s what most of us want! But what if you have so many balls in the air, you end up dropping them all?

Handling multiple jobs at once can get pretty chaotic, but it’s possible with the help of productivity tools and the right mindset for every situation.

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