5 Ways To Better Use Your Phone for Business

We carry around in our pockets devices almost as powerful as desktop computers, and most people don’t realize the potential they have. Smartphones have become the new standard for mobile phones and it would be a crime not to take full advantage of all their features.

But for contractors on the job, what more can we do with smartphones?

Manage your email

Every smartphone already comes with a native email app, but you can install whichever one you prefer. Gmail itself is very good, but Spark is also a fantastic free email manager that helps you better visualize what’s important and ignore what’s not.

With your email always at hand, you can easily access contracts, sent estimates, client contacts, and important updates on your social media.

Stay organize


Smartphones are so littered with tools for organization they can, ironically, become disorganized. Silliness aside, you have it all here: alarm clocks, timers, calendars, notes, reminders, the list goes on.

However, instead of using all of it and getting lost for no reason, use only what works for you. Do you like lists? Use reminders to stay on track of your tasks and never forget what you have to do. Do you prefer calendar events with set times? You can do that too.

You also have tools for project organization. A note manager like Evernote can save pages, images, scanned documents, emails, and so on.

As for reminders and lists, we have tried and recommend these three great choices:

  • Todoist: simple but robust, Todoist is easy to use for simple list-making or big projects alike.
  • Wunderlist: visually appealing and reliable for any kind of project.
  • Any.do: minimal and quite smart with a feature that lets you review all your current due tasks for the day.


Try out some of these options and settle for the one you like the most.

Check your social media

Everyone knows you can check social media in your phone — in fact, we often do it for no reason other than “because we can.” But we’re talking work here, so how can you use it to your advantage?

A major point is your business profile on Facebook: they have a feature that tells visitors how long you take to reply by informing them “Usually replies in one hour”, or something similar. The faster you reply to messages there, the better your reply banner gets, even down to “Replies in under a few minutes.” Customers don’t like waiting, so when they see you reply in a few minutes, they’re much more likely to get in touch.

Similarly, if you’re someone who enjoys social media anyway, you can use features such as Instagram Stories to post quick updates on your daily work. This is not the kind of publication that will attract customers, but it makes sure you’re constantly seen and helps build your brand.

Here’s more on how to get your social media profiles to work!



We’ve touched upon this above, but here’s the thing: you can reply to anyone and everyone in just a few seconds. Whether it’s a phone call or WhatsApp chat, it’s super easy.

This helps in building a reputation as a reliable and dependable professional. It happens way too often that customers abandon professionals who take too long to reply — mostly because someone else always replies sooner. If you’re the one who always replies sooner, then you’re ahead of the competition.

Lead manager

The value of having a lead manager in your pocket as a contractor is incredible. You can receive leads and reply to them immediately from wherever you are, which is a major advantage to get you ahead.

At the same time, homeyou’s lead manager allows you to easily manage which kinds of service you want to receive leads from, which areas you cover, and all within a budget you determine yourself!

Take the first step towards growing your business today and start receiving leads that will make you money. — Sign up with homeyou!

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