How To Get More Leads With Social Media

Leads are the bread and butter of a contractor, and social networks are an excellent tool for finding and landing more. Here’s how to use social media to get more leads than ever before.

Getting more leads is always a priority for contractors, but it can be difficult to get this ball rolling. A lot goes into building your brand and setting up the right pieces so that you can regularly acquire new leads in a more or less effortless manner.

And I do mean “more or less”, because effort is always required. But hopefully by following these tips you can have everything in the right place to make your life easier as leads will steadily spring up when you need them!

Build your brand

Building brand loyalty isn’t an overnight task, that’s for sure. And it’s certainly not an easy thing to unpack in just a few words, so I’ll try to sum up what I feel are the most important steps:

Consistent visual design. Having a consistent visual design across your social media profiles and marketing materials creates a sense of professionalism that goes a long way. It shows organization, intent, and confidence – all of which are the qualities of a brand.

Reputation. A lot goes into your reputation as well, but to keep it simple, focus on making sure your clients are happy. Finish jobs with style, reply to messages and emails, and share your top projects regularly. In other words, “work hard and advertise.”

Ask for reviews. They are excellent for getting you new leads and you should have a habit of asking for them once the job is completed. I’ll come back to reviews later because there’s more to be said!

All of these combined will become the foundation of your brand, helping you to get more leads on a long-term timeline.


Generating engagement boils down to making your posts and publications get attention, whether that be in the form of comments, likes, shares, etc. Engagement is the way most social media platforms decide what is “quality content”, and the more engagement a publication has, the higher the chances of it being shown to other people that could be interested.

Here are a few tips to get more engagement in your posts:

  • Post in busy times. Many apps and even social media platforms themselves can guide you towards the best time to post.
  • Use questions. Asking questions on posts is a great way to encourage people to engage and answer them in the comments.
  • Use pictures. Text-only posts are almost always forgotten on Facebook, and Instagram requires an image or video anyway, so make a habit of taking quality photos of your services or get images online.

Which platforms to use

For contractors, the answer is fairly simple: Facebook on main with Instagram on the side.

  • Facebook because it’s simply the most popular social network in the world and its reach is unmatched. 
  • Instagram (also owned by Facebook) because all of its posts are visual and the Stories format is very popular there, making it easy to share basically anything on a daily basis. 
  • Twitter is almost exclusively text-based and safe to say most people who might be interested in your services aren’t hanging out on Twitter, so that one is a safe skip.

On Facebook, create a professional page for your business and maintain it properly by feeding it regular posts and replying to any messages that come your way. On Instagram, post stories of your ongoing projects to always have something new – this creates a lot of exposure for your brand.

Always leave your contact info visible and easy to find and that should get you more leads!


When you decide to invest some of your efforts into social media, you realize it’s actually a lot more effort than it seems. Which is why these tasks are often automated so that you can move on with your week hands-free of this part of the job.

To be more clear: there are many tools (even free ones) to schedule a variety of posts across all your main social media platforms. You can take one day to plan and schedule your most important posts (such as offers, discounts, celebrations, etc.), and keep on posting whatever happens during the week with the assurance the most important part is done.

Reviews and messaging

If someone sends you a message, it’s because they already have some sort of interest. Even if they’re just scouting for prices, that’s already a huge opportunity to impress and maybe secure a sale.

Facebook has a very convenient feature that allows users to send messages to your professional page, which is super useful to get new clients – as long as you reply promptly.

The other side of the coin is that Facebook also allows for users to leave public reviews. This is always a tightrope to walk on because even a mildly inconvenienced user can leave a negative review, but that’s not the end.

Always encourage your clients to leave reviews on your page and be sure to reply politely to any negative ones that might show up – if anything, this shows commitment to your brand and just taking a step towards making it right is vastly better than not taking any action.

Both of these aspects will massively help in getting you more leads. Good reviews means a good reputation and replying to messages promptly is paramount to securing sales!

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