How to Deal With Negativity in the Workplace

It's easy to fall under negative habits but extremely difficult to break away from them. Here's how you can identify and break away from negativity!

When you're hard at work, it can be hard to remain positive at times. The hustle is unforgiving and you can go long stretches of time feeling very negative about work, which can also affect your personal life in many ways. 

It's important to remain positive in times like these, but it sure isn't easy. If you find yourself in a negativity hole, it will take some readjusting of perspective and habits, but by taking just a few steps in the right direction you will find yourself at a much better place – both mentally and physically.

Develop positive habits

Humans are creatures of habit. We tend to feel secure when following routines and repeating the same habits, which sounds good on paper until you realize that we also repeat the same bad habits, not just the good ones.

Because of that, it's easy to get stuck on a loop of negativity. 

The first step is to identify these habits. When you notice yourself falling for the same pitfalls, it's time to change. This involves bad eating habits, unhealthy sleeping schedules, and even the same negative thoughts. Once you notice these, then it's time to break away and replace them with something better!

Hang out with positive people

The pandemic forced everyone to stay isolated, and that certainly made it harder to hang out with the people that made you happy. We're social beings and therefore are highly influenced by the company we keep.

If you're surrounded by negative people, it will quickly wear you down and make it near impossible to stay positive. Even if you decided to change, you might be dealing with people that are either not ready or not willing to change. 

When you find this happening to you, make an effort to seek out more positive people in your life. It's a million times easier to stay positive when the people around are on the same page!

Avoid the news

This is a tricky topic because it requires balance, yet only you can really determine exactly how much you can take. 

Staying up to date on current world events, news and trends is important. In fact, it's crucial. But it's no surprise that absorbing all of this information can take its toll on your mental health, since a lot of it is negative, worrying, and stressful. 

If you're struggling with negativity in your life and find yourself constantly affected by the news, perhaps don't read them first thing in the morning. Focus on your routine and your work, and leave those things for later. There's no shame in sparing yourself the stress when you need to focus on your mental health. 

Develop a happy hobby

Remember when we could have hobbies? That was fun. 

Nowadays people are hard pressed into turning any hobby into an occupation, because someone decided that having fun is not worth it unless you're making money. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

It's highly recommended to develop a hobby that makes you happy first and foremost. Watching movies, playing the guitar, learning a new language, finishing – anything. Do not think of which hobby can make you money or which is an investment for your future, in fact, throw that out of the window for a moment. Just choose something that would make you happy. 

This is meant to be something that you can always fall back on after a stressful day, not something that ought to stress you even more!

Seek professional help

Finally, don't forget that seeking professional help is always an option. Every single person out there is struggling with something and many of them can only break through after talking to a professional. This happens for many reasons. Among them, there's the complete lack of perspective we have regarding our own problems. 

For example, whenever someone fails to break out of bad habits, their first instinct is to blame themselves. But what if your habits are highly influenced by the people around you? What if you're currently struggling with personal problems that make it even harder to change your routine? What if you’re going through a depressive episode without realizing?

These were just a few examples of what a mental health professional can help you figure out. But remember: you gotta make the first step and seek one out, even if in secret from your family and friends.

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