The Biggest Trends For Contractors In 2022

The business trends for 2022 are still mostly about technology, but while some of these concepts are familiar to most contractors, others are brand new to everyone.

With 2022 starting, it's time to talk about the biggest contractor trends for this year. These past couple of years have shown a lot of fast-paced changes to the landscape, and business owners had to adapt very quickly to stay in the game.

The idea behind studying these trends is to adapt before you’re forced to – or at the very least, have the groundwork done if you need to switch gears in a different direction. At the same time, there are clear expectations now for what your business should offer, both to clients and employees, and that’s crucial for success.

Some of these are trends that spiked during last year and should continue to grow this year, but others are still developing and require close attention. 

But enough with being vague, let’s get specific: these are the biggest trends for contractors in 2022!

Remote work is here to stay

Most of us have been forced to work remotely at some point because of the pandemic, but this ended up showing us the potential of this hybrid workplace concept.

Having an office offers tons of advantages, but the freedom to work remotely can also be a huge boon. For example, there’s no reason why your assistant can’t reply to emails or take calls from home if their car broke down, or they’re very ill during a certain day.

Likewise, if you’re in a rush, nothing’s stopping you from taking a seat at a coffee shop with Wi-Fi to quickly check your messages instead of going all the way back to the office. This is where having an iPad or tablet would come in handy, giving you a lot of tools in a lightweight package.

Technology offers tons of possibilities for remote work that perfectly fits with the busy schedule of a contractor, especially if you still find yourself wearing most of the hats.

Mental health in the workplace

It’s become very clear that working away from the office doesn't guarantee that you won’t suffer from burnout. In fact, for people that work from home, it can be far more stressful because of how easily their work/life balance can tip over in the wrong direction.

For this reason, there’s been a lot more focus on ensuring your employees and freelancers aren’t suffering in secret. Mental health is a serious issue that too often goes unmentioned in the workplace, but 2022 is the perfect time to break those walls.

Video marketing is the most effective form of marketing right now

Video marketing has been growing more and more, and Meta (formerly Facebook) has a lot to do with that. Ever since Snapchat and Vine showed the viral potential of short videos, Meta has brought this feature into the spotlight on all of their platforms.

Since then, even Youtube (owned by Google) has implemented a “short video” format separate from their core video content that favors longer content.

But while professional video production does wonders, it’s not even necessary in today’s world. Simple Instagram Stories recorded on the spot, for example, are the bread and butter of marketing these days. Getting the hang of it and learning how to better use these tools is crucial.

Learn how to use Instagram to boost your business!

Social media and the metaverse

Some time ago I went over what is the Metaverse, so do check that out if you’re not sure what that means. But from now on, we have to keep this in the back of our minds as a potential investment – though I wouldn’t recommend any impulsive moves just yet.

In short, the Metaverse is Mark Zuckerberg’s pitch of a digital world made by real people. The whole thing is still in its infancy, as a good deal of software and hardware still need a few years to catch up, but people are already preparing.

However, one of the worst ways to prepare is by blindly investing in dubious technology. I have no doubt that the Metaverse will be a big deal simply because it’s coming from one of the largest software companies in the world. But its lasting impact is still far from certain, as is its promise for your business in the short term.

I will be keeping an eye out and letting you know if anything changes. I’m sure we will know more about the Metaverse in 2022, which is why it’s on the list – businesses large and small should know about big tech changes like this. But it’s far too early to make investments.

Other versions of this “metaverse” are already rolling out. For example, there is a version of the entire planet Earth for sale in its own metaverse, which allows for regular people to purchase land there. But obviously, this land has zero value or weight outside of the metaverse… which says everything you need to know for now.

Customer experience

Customer experience has always been important, but now more than ever it seems like customers want a more personal connection with the businesses they interact with. In other words, they want it to feel less like a simple transaction.

It can be hard to find the right balance, but if you want to invest your time and effort into an aspect of your business this year, then customer service is a safe bet. It will never hurt to have a great customer experience.

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