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Jerry S.
Hired - Garage Door Guys

The garage doors were in need of some sprucing up. The old wooden white just wasn't cutting it. So we opted to cash out for some high-end glass paneled upgrades. They look way cooler, retain all the functionality, and are the talk of the neighborhood. Thanks, Garage Door Guys!

Margaret J.
Hired - The Garage Kings

The old shutters weren't cutting it. They were in desperate need of a new look. So we opted for these giant, swing-open carriage sized doors. The difference was night and day. Not just that, but there's so much space in the garage now. The new doors really added a lot to curb appeal.

Krystal D.
Hired - John's Garage Doors

We wanted something more out of our old garage doors there were kinda rotting away. We knew we didn't want wood again, so we went with this cool folding vinyl thing. It looked great, needed no maintenance, and worked fantastic. Absolutely no problems with this addition.

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