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Charles J.
Hired - 5 Star HVAC

The air vents in our home were very dirty and it was beginning to affect the air quality. We called in 5 Star HVAC to clean it out and what a difference it made! Now my family and I can tell that the air is clean and doesn't taste stale or cause respiratory issues.

Barbara J.
Hired - Patriot Vent Services

There was a rattling sound going on in my split system. I was worried enough to call in Patriot Vents because I didn't want my HVAC to break down. They came out in a flash, diagnosed the problem, and resolved it all in the same day. What a great bunch of guys they are.

Nan D.
Hired - Straight Cooling Co.

HVAC systems are a tricky and expensive thing, so whenever there's an issue in my unit I immediately call in professionals. I don't want my central air to go out, and there's no one else I would call besides Straight Cooling. They're the perfect team for the job.

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