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Marlena J.
Hired - Brave's Appliances

Our oven wasn't lighting, and it was so old we were wondering if it was even safe. So we called in for repairs. Brave Toaster Appliance came to the rescue and ensured that everything was working right again. They even fixed the hinged on the faceplate of the unit!

Elia L.
Hired - Ready2Go Appliances

While we love our new green dishwasher, it does seem to come with a lot of issues for a new piece of equipment. However, the service guy we used really knew his stuff and fixed it right up in a jiffy. Now it runs better than ever, all thanks to this guy. Couldn't ask for better service.

James M.
Hired - Advanced Appliances

The amazing thing about our new dryer is that the fuze shorted out almost immediately. Unfortunately it was just the month past warranty (surprise). However the pro that came to our aid was certainly respectful, appreciative, and knowledgeable. Great service for the right price.

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