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Christopher M.
Hired - Kevin's Welders

We were doing some artistic metal work in our yard but didn't have the tools or the know-how to complete it. Luckily Kevin came by and pieced it all together. Now we're the proud owners of a metal flower windmill! It looks fantastic and sings in the breeze.

Ayana D.
Hired - G.T. Welders

I needed some welding work done to my aluminum trailer, there were a few parts that just weren't connected right on account of the heating and expanding over the years. Luckily the guy who came out really knew what he was doing and everything looks way better than it did.

Wanda W.
Hired - A1 Welders

My shed has some aluminum siding that has seen better days. Rather than risk water damage to my stuff, I decided to get a professional welder to take care of the separating joints and plates. Gotta hand it to him, it worked like a charm. Even though she's a little worse for wear, she'll hold for a few more years.

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