There are just so many different ways to make amazingly eye-catching and personalized use of those starkly blank walls in your home, it would take too long to list them all. So, here are a few easy DIY projects to liven up the home, one wall at a time. Explore the list and find out what’s right for you. You can take an arts and crafts approach, or just paint it to bring more color and style to your life. Get creative with these DIY ideas to fill up that blank canvas in your home.

Interior wall design with triangles and shapes
Interior wall triangles The Lovely Things

Triangle Pattern

This is a simple little design that can have other applications as well. Simply cut out a triangle design into peel and stick material using either a traceable printout, or just your own drawing. Whichever you choose, be sure to make a base design so you’ll always have a backup triangle to make others off of. This will be key because it’s quite difficult to accurately predict exactly how many triangles you’ll need to accent the wall. Then lining up your spacing and physically sticking the accents to the wall is all that’s left. The end result is a masterful piece for anyone who loves striking, organized patterns.

Wallpaper for any room interior of a home
Bright, colorful wrapping paper A Thoughtful Place

Wrapping Paper

One of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable DIY options is to just use wrapping paper instead of wallpaper. This rings especially true during the holiday season. Just tape it to the wall and it’s good to go. Feel free to hang it as wallpaper or to make designs out of it, maybe you’ll start a holiday tradition! Some families go with an easy Christmas tree design made from wrapping paper. It’s a low budget solution to temporary wallpaper that can be fun for the whole family.

Create new DIY wall art decor out of free materials
DIY wall art Pinterest

Ruined Books, Salvaged Poems, Old Newspaper

Are you a writer? Or is your lifestyle more artistic than the average person’s? Why not decorate your blank wall with text? You can even lay the newspaper down as a base, putting your more precious works over that to create and entire wall of words essentially for free. This makes for the perfect corner to write, draw, or paint with creativity literally right in front of you. This cheap art space can be as customized as you wish, putting new favorites over the old, especially if you’re adding work to it every now and then.

Another alternative to dress up those interior walls
Burlap walling and interior Jim Parodi Wallpapering

Alternatives to Expensive Grasscloth

Grasscloth is one of the newer wallpaper materials that despite its exotic and expensive nature, is quickly growing in popularity for American homeowners. However, if you enjoy the look and feel of grasscloth, but either want something more affordable, or just more easily cleaned, there are other options. Perhaps the easiest alternative is to cut out and fit burlap over the wall. The texture is very consistent with grasscloth. You can even tack around the edges to get more of a workboard feel to the wall. Otherwise, a fresh coat of earth tone paint can be easily styled while it’s drying with nothing more that a bristle broom brush. Just gentle sweet the paint as it’s drying from side to side to create that rustic texture that homeowners love.

Overall, your wall decor can be whatever you want it to be. Doodle on it in gold pen, try out stencils, experiment with aluminum foil, or stick on some ribbon to create diamond designs. It’s your canvas, you decide what goes on it. And you won’t need to spend a great deal on supplies, either.

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