Summer is the perfect season for DIY! You not only get to decorate the inside of your home, but you get to decorate and enjoy the outdoor areas of your home! Whether that’s a quaint balcony on an apartment or a thriving backyard where your kids play, you have a million opportunities to make the space functional and beautiful for the warm months to come. So grab your sunscreen, lemonade and tool belt and let’s DIY our way into a perfect summer.

Watermelon Serving Tray

Watermelon and summer basically go hand in hand. From the snacks, to the clothes, and to summer decor! And this DIY is no different. Made from a simple round wood cutout from any craft store and two cabinet handles, this is a perfect tray for your snacks and cocktails all summer long!

Watermelon DIY serving tray decor for your exterior backyard
Fruity tray. Source: Oh So Beautiful

Summer Flip Flop Wreath

Flip flops are the perfect shoe for summer, but they can also make an adorable door sign for your home! Let your neighbors and guests know that you are serious...serious about having fun in the sun. And all the materials you need for the project you can get at the dollar store!

Fun flip flop wreath for your front door
Sandal decor. Source: Crafty Morning

DIY Platform Swing

Take your swinging game to the next level this summer and don’t let your kids fight over whose turn it is anymore! Let them both swing at the same time on this amazing platform swing. It also is a perfect nap spot for your little ones (or yourself)!

Enjoy this DIY backyard swing set for your home
Source: The Naughty Mommy

Giant Outdoor Games

Board games are great, but not when it’s a beautiful day outside and there is sun to be soaked! For your competitive family and friends, try these giant outdoor game DIY’s!

Great outdoor games that create a fun time without eating up your free time.
Fun outdoor games. Source: City Mom's Blog

Outdoor Summer Reading Nook

There is nothing better than a good book in the shade with a delicious lemonade in the summer. Some of my best days are spent reading alone or reading to the kids in my life in the yard. This outdoor hideaway is perfect for reading, napping, relaxing and playing! Take that idea to the next level and grab that tool belt for this amazing outdoor reading nook DIY. 

Quiet, comfy, and relaxing. Have your own outdoor book safe haven.
Summer book nook. Source: Vintage Revivals

Outdoor Movie Screen

Relive the days in which drive-in movies were still a “thing” and set up an outdoor screen to watch your favorite movies on, stream Netflix or even have a Mario Kart marathon party! Check out how you can build an entire outdoor movie theater!

Your own home backyard theater system.
Backyard movie night! Source: Cracker Jack Theater

Pineapple Laundry Basket

This laundry basket is possibly the cutest thing you will ever put dirty clothes into. So why not just skip the dirty clothes and put it by the pool for your towels or pool toys? Don’t hide it away, let it shine for all your pool party guests!

These colorful decor additions will certainly make the home a more interesting place
Wonderful laundry addition. Source: Brit+co

Let this summer be your best yet with these amazing ideas and don’t forget to share your other ideas with us on social media! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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