With the warm weather here, the best way to enjoy it is to set up an outdoor space in your backyard. There are many ways to go about it, whether it’s with additions and remodels or upgrades and extensions to your existing structures.

To make your home more welcoming during these hot days, I will show you which outdoor furniture trends better fit your deck, as well as other ideas to make outdoor spaces more pleasant, beautiful, and practical.

Eco-Friendly Elements

With increasing awareness of environmental needs, there is a greater demand for sustainable products. Fortunately, these materials are widely available in most regions.

For building a deck, for example, you can find wood supplied from responsibly maintained forests, as well as recycled wood (though the latter might be a bit more expensive). Other than that, a simple way to be more sustainable is to look for used furniture. Small changes go a long way in helping the environment.

You may also look for a sustainable source of energy like solar panels – which is admittedly a larger investment, but your entire home can benefit from it basically forever.

Mixed Materials

Many designers have embraced the mix of materials, using a combination of either subtle or bold contrasts to add variety to otherwise simple designs. 

For example, you may combine a wooden deck with metal accents, which gives the place a rustic, almost medieval look. If you want something more modern, you can instead go for slick aluminum furniture and rubber for details. Rubber is good for safety grips on steps and to prevent your furniture from slipping.

If you were considering a deck repair to renew your outdoor spaces, consider using a new material to accent details – it’s an inexpensive way to add glamor and beauty!

Outdoor Kitchen

The process of an outdoor kitchen installation can be way easier than most people realize. Sure, a full kitchen outdoors can be just as expensive (if not more) than a regular indoor kitchen… but you don’t need everything to make it work.

As the space will be outside the house, you can just focus on the essentials. A grill, a countertop, a sink, a table for serving… and you’re all set.

The biggest difficulty you may find is plumbing for your outdoor sink, but there are ways to create a sink for quick uses without plumbing. It’s not the most versatile, but it gets the job done if you don’t intend to use the kitchen that frequently.

Finally, as an option, you can get a mini-fridge to keep your drinks cool on hot days! It doesn’t have to stay outdoors, you can simply use an extension to keep it running for the evening and bring it back to safety once you’re done.

Rounded Corners

Furniture comes in many shapes, even some pretty exotic ones. For a practical outdoor setting though, we have to keep it simple with rounded corners. 

These types of furniture give a calmer, natural, and laid-back look at the same time. And even better, they’re very easy to find.

After you finish your deck installation, you will need to add some furniture to make the place welcoming and comfortable. Now you already know which type of furniture to go for!

Natural-Looking Materials

Obviously, every material comes from nature in some way, but for outdoor settings, it’s great to look for materials that look less “synthetic.

An easy example is natural wood, whether it’s for your deck, furniture, or both. Combine that with your surrounding garden, bushes, and trees for a very natural look (literally and figuratively) that works on many levels.

Besides, wood can come in a variety of patterns and colors, plus it can be stained for a new look. You won’t be left wanting options.

Protection and Privacy Outdoors

Many manufacturers have launched outdoor furniture collections that mimic high-end living and dining room furniture, making them equally at home outdoors but with materials more suited for this setting. 

And if you like the idea of protecting your outdoor space to make it more indoorsy, you can invest in a pergola and privacy screens. It covers and encloses your outdoor space without suffocating it, making it just right for the most comfort.

With these amazing tips for outdoor spaces, you can get ready to enjoy Summer from the best possible place: outside! Consider getting in touch with a local contractor to learn more about deck installation and repair, as well as other parallel services.


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