You may not feel it right now, but the summer of 2015 is quickly coming to an end and it won’t be long until the cool winds of autumn pass through the country and bring colder temperatures, more moisture, and pumpkin spice everything with them.

That’s why now is the perfect time to get started on your home’s crucial autumn prep work!

From interior to exterior there’s a lot of work which homeowners can do in these last days of summer to keep the quality and appearance of their properties up through the fall and winter. Use this simple checklist to make sure that when autumn is in full swing your home and your family are fully prepared for what the season has in store!

Exterior Home Maintenance

Brick home exterior
Lovely front door
  • We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. Before the heavy rains, winds, and debris build-up of autumn arrives gutter cleaning and maintenance is an absolute must.
  • Reduce your energy bills with fresh weather-stripping for your home’s windows and doors. Best of all, this is an easy enough process for DIY application in most cases.
  • Save a ton of stress and money by inspecting your home’s foundation and concrete surfaces (sidewalk, driveway, stairs, patio, etc.) for cracks. Getting these cracks filled now will prevent moisture from seeping in and freezing; leading to serious damage come winter.
  • In keeping with the theme of the last point, now’s the time to inspect your home’s roofing and siding as well for signs of trouble down the line. Hire a professional contractor for this work to save yourself a huge amount of money and danger in the months to come.
  • Clean and store all your exterior furniture and all your window AC units. A simple cleaning at the end of the summer season can do wonders for the resiliency and lifespan of these summer-time necessities which would otherwise experience much more wear and tear over time.

Interior Home Maintenance

Interior fall decor
Who is decorating for Fall?
  • It’s been months since you’ve used your home’s heating system which means that problems may have developed unseen. That’s why now’s the time to hire trained HVAC specialists to inspect, clean, and repair your home’s heating system thoroughly. This will keep your home safe and comfortable far longer than those who neglect this service.
  • By the same token, with the autumn and winter seasons calling for more heating indoors and more time spent there, the risk for fires, carbon monoxide, and radon poisoning so be sure to test your home’s smoke alarms and install new ones in your most frequented areas.
  • Cleaning is another absolute must in the early days of fall. With more time spent indoors and more allergens and pests about to be working their way into your home, having a thoroughly clean home helps to deter all these issues significantly.
  • If your home is still equipped with popcorn ceilings, popcorn ceiling removal before the change of season is a great idea, particularly if your family is prone to asthma or allergies. This texture is notorious for collecting dust and allergens which can linger around the home all season long. Professional removal can help your home’s air quality immensely.
  • This winter is set to be just as rough (if not worse) than last year. So before you settle in for your hibernation consider a new look with interior painting. In these last few weeks of summer, the weather is cooperating enough to allow for the windows to be open and the light to be honest about colors.
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