From the end of World War I on through the glamour of the roaring 20s and the eventual downfall of the 30s, the style which every homeowner in Europe and America alike was trying to bring into their home was that of art deco interior design. This unflinchingly bold and luxurious style spoke volumes about the taste, excitement, and wealth of the homeowner who designed it and the style soon became so popular that its tell-tale fondness for geometric patterns, sleek, clean colors, and exotic decorative accents were seen from the streets of Hollywood to the highrise skyscrapers of Chicago and New York. Today, homeowners hold a special place in their hearts for the nostalgic allure and romance of the art deco interior design style and its influence can still be seen in much of the modern style movements. If you’re interested in indulging your home in the glamour and vibrancy of the art deco interior design just keep these 3 keys to the stunning style in mind:

Bold Geometric Patterns

Artistic flair to interior paint design
Paint your bedroom

One of the most identifiable aspects of the art deco interior design, a strong emphasis on geometric patterns in decorating and accents is an absolute must. Based on the size of your commitment and budget there are a number of ways to bring this element into your home including everything from wallpaper installations to custom cabinet installations, furniture designs, and flooring and countertop installations. Consider an eclectic mix of these geometric patterns to instantly lend the mystique and allure of art deco interior design to your living room, kitchen, and any other major gathering spaces.

Minimalist Palette to Maximize Impact

Minimalist furniture with zebra stripe print
Classic furniture

From interior painting to decor decisions, window treatments, and more, the color palette which lends art deco interior design its grandeur and timelessness relies heavily on a combination of sleek minimalist tones and bold, daring highlights of color. Homeowners can achieve this look with highly lacquered and polished wood, metal, and glass features alongside central splashes of rich tones of crimson, emerald, chocolate, cream, and gold, particularly when that color scheme is centered around a clear balancing point within the room. This will vary from space to space but generally creating a focal point, be it a bed, a dining room table, or a fireplace, allows for a perfect symmetrical line to design the rest of the room off of.

Light and Excite

Elegant dining seating display near a living room
Quite exquisite seating options

When the art deco style was first reigning the architectural, fashion, and decorating worlds one of the biggest goals of those who embraced it was to be seen and to be admired. This resulted in a highly exaggerated and regal look which is still a cornerstone of design today. In today’s world, with a slightly higher emphasis on subtlety, this goal to see and be seen is still a major part of the art deco interior design, however. A significant focus on gorgeous window installations and varied lighting fixtures throughout the home will help both to shine a spotlight on the design efforts you’ve taken and enlarge the space to give it the grand, luxurious feel that will have your neighbors jealous and your guests delighted.

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