As a new generation of homeowners step into the real estate market the tenets and priorities of the modern interior design style have come right by their side. This exciting, fresh take on interior design is being embraced by professional decorators, designers, and new homebuyers alike thanks to its sleek, simplistic approach to populating living space. In fact, as more and more homeowners have come to appreciate the unique look and feel which a modern interior design provides, homeowners all over the country are eager to create the same openness and elegance within their own space. As this demand continues to grow, so too does the typical cost of receiving professional assistance in making the results achievable. Fortunately, by keeping these three simple keys to modern interior design in mind, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to enjoy the major benefits of this minimal style with just a few changes that any homeowner can focus on on their own.

Function Over Form

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Professional interior designers are quick to point out that some of the most identifiable and central pillars of the modern interior design style is an emphasis on honesty and functionality in all things. This is most immediately apparent in the living room remodels of modern interior design homes where everything from the furniture, flooring installations, and storage options from cabinets to home entertainment center are all streamlined. This typically can be identified with simplistic, entirely functional designs with any excessive accents or unnecessary bits of flair or decoration eliminated. Likewise, decorations on the walls are restrained to a minimum and usually are themselves contained (think artwork over knick knacks). This focus on simplicity and functionality ensures that the space isn't cluttered or distracting and helps to make the entire space more open.

Clean and Clear

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As a part of increasing the openness and elegance of your living space, modern interior design is insistent on homeowners maintaining a clean, bright space. This is one of the most individually-driven components of the interior design style as it can extend from simple changes like eliminating clutter, thorough, regular window cleaning, and general house cleaning practices to full new color palette swaps for your interior painting with a greater focus on neutral tones. These shades of light, neutral paint alongside the occasional black, white, and gray starkness ensure that your living spaces are not only less distracting and more bright but also help to expand the space, making modern interior design techniques a favorite among homeowners with smaller spaces.

Warm with Natural Light

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The most common complaint more traditionally minded homeowners have about the modern interior design style is that it feels too cold and impersonal. Certainly, in fact, this can be true. However, by allowing for high amounts of natural light to flow throughout a modern interior design style, homeowners can negate this problem very quickly while expanding the simple elegance and sleekness of the space even further. This can most effectively be done with professionally performed window installations and skylight installations but with an eye on budget-keeping the careful and conscious installation of mirrored and glass features helps to increase the play of natural light to brighten and expand spaces to an amazing degree! Consider your most frequented room carefully and identify where dark or uninviting spaces may lie within them. These spaces can immediately be eliminated with some creativity and modern interior design techniques.

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