To me the smell of fresh made coffee is one of the greatest inventions. -Hugh Jackman
Fresh coffee is an interior treat like no other.
Fresh coffee is a treat like no other. Via Salon.

There is nothing like waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh made coffee. From taking your first sip standing in the kitchen to savoring the last, coffee is the fuel that sustains so much so that there’s a national holiday to celebrate the delicious brew. To help you enjoy this delicious drink in the best way possible, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite brew methods - whether you’re looking for an upgrade or you simply want to know what ‘pour over’ is, we’ve got the details just in time. And of course, we had to share a few of our favorite coffee recipes! Go ahead, find a way to celebrate coffee!

Methods of Brewing Coffee

Know your home brew method to make the perfect coffee for you.
With so many different brewing methods to choose from, you can pick the perfect method for you. Via CNN.

There are so many different methods of brewing coffee, we couldn’t possibly cover them all. Instead, we’ve picked a few of the most popular to go over so when you decide to upgrade, you know what the choices are.

Standard Coffee Maker

The classic Mr. Coffee home kitchen appliance
The classic Mr Coffee coffee maker is standard for a reason - it's easy, not too expensive, and reliable. Via Mr. Coffee.

The standard coffee maker is a lot less standard than it used to be. While you can still get the old 8-cup Mr. Coffee Maker, there are now tons of upgraded options that include coffee makers that grind the beans for your, coffee makers that brew either one cup or 8 cups at a time, and even coffee makers you can set with your smartphone. Brewing has come a long way.


Keurig home kitchen appliances are super fast for a quick cup.
Keurigs are super fast for a quick pick-me-up, and you can buy all sorts of different kinds of coffee flavors. Via Flipboard.

Keurigs are a relatively new machine, part of a wave of automation efforts. These machines allow you to insert a single-serve pod of coffee, select your cup size, and have a fresh-brewed, single cup of coffee in a matter of minutes (and not many of them, either). While k-cups (the pods you insert) have gotten a bad rap for being non-recyclable and filling landfills, you can buy a reusable filter and add your own coffee, which only takes a few seconds more.

French Press

Using a regular kitchen appliance such as a French Press is fairly quick for a delicious coffee.
The four-ish minutes of wait-time is absolutely worth it for a high quality cup of coffee. Via Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Using a french press is pretty simple, though it takes a little more work than a regular coffee maker. You put the coarse-ground coffee in the bottom of the press, fill it with hot water, replace the press-mechanism but wait about 4 minutes before pressing. Then, you push down the plunger to remove the grounds from your cup of coffee, and pour. This simple methods retains the flavor of the beans better than many other methods and makes a nice, strong cup of coffee. Pressed come in varying sizes (for single cups to enough for the family).


Using an aeropress in the kitchen couldn't be easier.
Using an aeropress really couldn't be easier. Via District Coffee Roasters.

A relatively new way of brewing coffee, aeropresses are a super simple and inexpensive way to brew coffee right into your cup. While the idea is similar to that of the French Press, you instead put a filter and then the coffee into the chamber of the press, which sits over your mug. You add hot water and stir for 10 seconds, then press the water and coffee down so that it filters into the cup. Again, the process retains the flavors of the beans but it takes a little less time and there’s a bit less clean up (though you do have to do the clean up right away to keep your press in good shape).

Pour Over

In the home kitchen, pour overs are prized by coffee enthusiasts.
Making a good pour over coffee isn't as simple as it might seem, but in the end the process is worth it. Via seriouseats.

Ah, the pour over. Often cited by coffee-snobs as the "only way to enjoy coffee," the pour over method involves setting up coffee grounds in a filter over a chamber and slowly pouring (using a particular method) water over the grounds. This method has become pretty scientific, so read up on the right ways to create the perfect cup of coffee.


Iced coffee is the perfect treat for interior or exterior home events.
Making your own iced coffee (or coffee milkshakes!) beats going to the store for sure! Via the Homesteading Housewife.

As promised, we’ve collected a few of our favorite coffee recipes (even one for non-coffee-lovers, gasp!) to share with all of you wonderful coffee lovers. Take a look at the recipes below!

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