The famous architect, Louis Sullivan was the first to proclaim the famous quote “form follows function”, a concept which served as the spearhead for the entire Modernist school of thought in everything from fashion and art to Modern style architecture as we know it. With this one idea, the entire country shifted its focus from the designs and decorations which had been commonplace up to that point to a brand new style which still stands out as wholly contemporary, forward thinking, and innovative.

It should be no wonder, then, that Modern style homes are some of the most desired properties on the market today, particularly in young, urban centers where the fresh take on style perfectly fits with the culture of advancement and excitement that’s so strongly embraced there. That said, you don’t have to be a 20-something in LA to love sleek Modern style homes! In fact, with these main characteristics of the Modern style home, just about anyone can bring their house into the future of design.

The Gleaming Views of Modern Style Window Installations

Architecture for a more modern age
Modern exterior look

One of the most iconic feature of the Modern style home is replacing the purpose of window installations from being minor visual accents to being far larger, and far more on display than ever before. This serves a number of purposes in the architectural style though primarily it ensures that homeowners with Modern style homes can see and be seen with more ease and elegance than ever. What’s more the sleek appearance and natural light which these window and skylight installations allow for a significant decrease in a home’s utility bills and an increase in energy efficiency!

Honest, Unapologetic Siding Materials

Landscape and hardscape merge for a wondrous blend
Home exterior design

Simple, unadorned lines and textures are an undeniable aspect of the Modern style home which is why a refreshingly clean, plain appearance is common in the siding materials utilized on these properties. Additionally, there’s a significant move toward new, innovative siding installations including everything from purely stained wood siding, aluminum or steel siding, or even glass, concrete, and stone. While many of these siding materials tend to be more costly to install, they also happen to be some of the most durable and long lasting options on the market today meaning that homeowners with Modern style homes save a ton on siding repairs and maintenance over time while greatly improving the curbside appeal and property value of the property as a whole.

Completely Contemporary Roof Style and Materials

Swimming pools are always a great exterior design choice

In keeping with the fresh, entirely original style of Modern architecture, the roof installations which are most often a treasured part of the Modern style home vary wildly from the steep gables and fanciful trim of traditional architectural forms. Instead, Modern style homes feature entirely flat or very minimally sloped roofing, often in a series of separate levels to lend a distinct and elegant shape and structure to the home as a whole. The materials, likewise, tend to be unique and innovative with metal roofing serving as a favorite for many homeowners.

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