Painting is a unique expression in itself. So get in touch with your inner artist and paint to your heart’s content, even when your canvas is your home. Who says the entire wall has to be one color? Who says you can’t just paint part of a room? Accent walls are all the rage, why not have your own take on that? Here are some unique ways to paint your interior that will delight your friends and family.

”A painting that doesn't shock isn't worth painting.” - Marcel Duchamp

Turn Your Ceiling into an Art Show

A whole new take on starry night
Stargazing while indoors is a peaceful way to fall asleep. Source: HGTV

There are many ways to dress up a ceiling. Besides painting it all one color, you can create a veritable canvas of creativity to look up and stare at while you’re trying to fall asleep at night. Try out your hand at various art styles or concepts. Try fantasy or sci-fi settings to create a dreamlike atmosphere. Creative painting ideas for canvases translate fairly well to a ceiling. Try some of the following.

  • Star Wars theme
  • Farm animals
  • Hobbit setting
  • Starry night
  • Clouds
  • Baseball theme
  • Beach
  • Zoo

Paint a Door Two Colors

Sometimes simple works too
Regular colors can work well when matched with each other. Source: Bird Courage

Here’s one that can potentially confuse guests. Paint each side of a door two different colors to create an optical effect that can potentially match both rooms and provide a bit of bold flair for anyone traveling in between them. This is also a great place to put an accent color in a room.

Decals as a Backsplash

A wall decal backsplash can really liven things up
It's just the right amount of backsplash. Source: Godir

Instead of tile, just paint some decals on the kitchen wall to create a truly custom backsplash that can never quite be duplicated. Spread it along the walls to create something of a 3D effect. A seasoned DIYer knows how to make paint designs on walls. The more intricate the better, and you might even fool some people into thinking it’s tile.

Bold Window Trim

A bold color in the right spot can look really, really bold
A bold statement, for sure. Source: Vivendo

Give just the window trim a fresh new look but painting it a bright crisp accent color. It can really liven up the room. This is one of the more clever ways to add paint to any room. Accent windows can be just what the doctor ordered. If you’re feeling especially bold, try striping the paint for an even more outlandish look. Boldly colored window trims can really perk a room right up.

Paint the Inside of Your Cabinets

Here's another example of painting outside the box
Vintage 1950's style painting. Source: Mom 4 real

Nothing quite captures the retro look of painting inside the cabinets. Go for a bold aqua or yellow to truly maximize the room’s style. Creative wall painting ideas don’t even come close to this incredibly aesthetic design. So make the most of your space and paint those cabinets.

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