You just got home from work and all you want is to relax a bit or have a snuggling night, but what about a taco? This is probably a different one than you thought, though. Whether to watch Netflix super comfy at home or even take it on a road trip, this new design for a pillow that literally hugs you like a taco is the new blanket. If you ever wanted to know how cozy it is to be a burrito while watching a movie or reading a book, your wish came true!

Interior bedding that is super comfy and taco shaped
Interior bedding that is super comfy and taco shaped. Source: Oradaria Design

Can you imagine a more perfect way to spend a day than wrapped in a taco-shaped pillow? Here's the Blandito, a "transformable pad for lazy living."

Created by Oradaria Design, the flat padded pillow can be formed into a myriad of shapes and secured with two wooden tapestry balls, so you're tight as a tiger in a taco.

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