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How Much Does it Cost to Service a Walk in Tub in Cudahy?

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Walk In Tubs can increase the value of your home by $873

As we grow older, it becomes more and more important that we adjust several aspects of our lifestyles to accommodate our changing needs. Some of these changes happen around the house like when you need to switch from traditional bathtubs to walk in tubs in Cudahy. Two out of three seniors fall every year in their own tubs. They sustain injuries from the fall, so investing in a much safer alternative to traditional tubs is a prudent choice to make. Cudahy walk in tubs are used for the same reason as to traditional bathtubs, but they are modified so your bathing experience is more convenient, comfortable, and a lot safer. Walk in bathtubs in Cudahy are made for people who are mobility-challenged. Those that are physically handicapped, with physical ailments, and the elderly benefit greatly from a walk in tub in Cudahy because it allows them to maintain their independence even if they have physical inhibitions. A walk in bathtub in Cudahy is made in such a way that it is watertight even if it comes with doors. You no longer have to worry about spillages that may cause fractures and slips. They are also a lot deeper and larger, so senior citizens can use them for bathing and showering, while providing safety and comfort.

Fair price breakdown

Adding a new walk in tub in Cudahy can create a luxurious environment for your bathroom, but its installation can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Unless you are a skilled plumber and carpenter yourself, it is best if you just hire a professional to do the job. The average cost of a walk in tub installation is around $2,500 but it can range from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the type and brand of bathtub you choose. The bathtub itself costs around $1,873 to $3,415.

Estimated final cost for walk in tubs

Item Quantity Fair Price
Hot Tub Cost 1 Tub $2,503.84
Hot Tub Labor 2 Hours $118.18
Hot Tub Job Materials and Supplies 1 Tub $22.10
Hot Tub Equipment Allowance $0.00
Totals - Cost to Install Hot Tubs - 1 Tub $2,644.12
Average Cost Per Tub $2,644.12

Find the Best Costs on Walk In Tubs - Cudahy, 53110

For bathtubs that are below $3,000, they are considered cheap. Cheaper options sacrifice quality, so you need to be careful on what you type of bathtub you choose. Hire a reputable installation service provider and ask them for advice regarding the matter.

Milwaukee County Walk In Tubs FAQ

Comfort. Convenience. Independence. Safety. Walk in bathtubs feature many therapeutic advantages, plus it gives you the freedom to bathe and shower on your own. It also has easy access and safety bars to prevent dangerous slips and falls. A walk in tub can improve the quality of your life. You deserve independence, safety, comfort, and convenience in your bathing experience, which is why you deserve a walk in tub.

There are service providers that offer lifetime warranties to cover your walk in tub as well as any manufacturing defects. Warranties also include the tub, tub's faucets, and door seal. What's more, lifetime warranties on all of your tub's water pumps, heaters, and blowers can be offered.

Once you choose a reliable service provider to install the tub for you, their customer service representative will arrange a time for the installation but they will ensure that it will fit your schedule. Usually, the installation process can be done in one or two days. To avoid acquiring additional costs for remodeling, choose a company that is a one-stop shop. They can help you make the entire process seamless and simple, and they'll ensure they won't cause you or your family any trouble. Your chosen company will start the installation by removing the tub you have currently and dispose or recycle it in an environmentally-friendly manner. Fully insured and certified installers will guarantee a proper installation. Upon the completion of the process, the installers will clean up the mess that has been made from the installation service.

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2021

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