The primary role of your chimney is to basically move soot and smoke out of the burning furnace. This is an integral role for two main reasons:  

  • First, the chimney makes it possible for you to burn fuel for heat safely within the confines of your home. 
  • Secondly, the chimney promotes proper combustion of fuel, something that reduces the risk of respiratory issues and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Despite this, chimneys will only work well if they are properly maintained throughout the years. Cleaning is by far one of the most important chimney maintenance practices and it’s recommended that you do it at least once a year. 

Here are some of the reasons why annual chimney cleaning is so crucial and why you should do it before turning on the fireplace this season! 

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Reduces Potential Fire Risks 

A dirty chimney is a huge fire risk responsible for thousands of residential fires in the US. When you burn fuel there are many byproducts that get released, and most of them including soot are redirected out of the house. 


Some start to accumulate along the interior chimney walls. One substance that will build up over time is called creosote, which is a highly flammable byproduct of combustion. It starts to form layers along the chimney walls and if not removed, creosote ultimately increases the risk of house fires and consequent property damage, even posing risks to your family’s safety.

Enhances Energy Efficiency 

No one wants to pay a lot of money on heating and cooling costs. Although we still want to have a warm and cozy home during cold days, it doesn’t mean that we have to spend a fortune to get that. 

Heating is already very expensive as we speak and the last thing you want is to pay extra money just because your chimney isn’t efficient. 

The buildup of soot and other debris along the chimney limits how effectively it’s able to redirect air to and from the furnace. In essence, this simply means that the fuel burns under conditions of limited oxygen. As such, the total amount of heat generated for every fuel burn will be significantly reduced. 

In the end, you’ll have to burn more fuel than normal just to get the same amount of heating you are used to. This ultimately increases your overall heating costs leading to massive losses. It’s a huge price to pay compared to the small chimney cleaning cost that’s essential in maintaining chimney efficiency.

Your Heating System Will Last Longer 

Installing a heating system costs a lot of money. Even when you go for something as basic as a wood-burning furnace, there will be a cost to pay upfront, so it’s better to take good care of it and do maintenance each year to make sure it is as efficient as it can be. 

Besides, enhancing the efficiency of your furnace plays a huge role in extending its longevity, and this can only be achieved by proper cleaning of both the furnace and the chimney. Additionally, annual furnace and chimney cleaning services will be very helpful in identifying small issues that need repairs. Such small repairs will then help to ensure that potential huge furnace or chimney problems are addressed proactively even before they happen.

Maintains Proper Indoor Air Quality in Your Home 

The living spaces that we spend so much time in have to be as homey and safe for our families as possible. 

There are of course a lot of ways you can explore to keep your indoor air quality safe, but making sure the chimney is clean and working efficiently is perhaps the most important of them all. 

If, for some reason, the chimney isn’t able to move the byproducts of combustion out, those same substances will simply accumulate inside the house. You’ll end up breathing toxic and irritating gases that may cause serious health issues. 

Also, don’t forget that burning carbon-based fuels like wood in an inefficient chimney will release carbon monoxide into your indoor living area, which is very dangerous for you and your family.

DIY vs. Professional Chimney Cleaning 

Now that we have given you some of the top reasons why chimney cleaning is crucial, it’s time to explain how best to do it. 

Well, there are two options here when it comes to chimney inspection. You can either clean it yourself or hire a professional chimney cleaning service. 

If you have the required tools and some experience in cleaning chimneys then you can opt for the DIY option. However, those of you who have never done chimney cleaning before, this isn’t the time to start. The stakes are just way too high and you could injure yourself. 

Hire a professional chimney cleaning service to help you out. It will save you time and you can rest assured knowing that the job was done well. 

Contact a local chimney cleaning company and request a free quote to start using your fireplace this season! 


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