Leadership at Homeyou

Fabio Espindula

Fabio Espindula

President & CEO

As President and CEO, Fabio carries the spark of inspiration which initially led to the founding of homeyou in February 2013. What’s more, he supplies the vision, experience, and leadership needed to make the company what it is today.

From the age of 18 when he formed his first business, Fabio has established himself as an incredibly forward-thinking force within the business world. Since arriving in the U.S. in 2006, Fabio has served as Director of User Experience and Director of Product for a number of innovative businesses, proving his ability to guide those who work with him to produce the best products and services possible.

As Fabio honed his ability to create exciting content and solutions targeted to user needs, he developed an additional talent for recruiting those with the same passion and drive as himself. This recruitment of dedicated, tireless professionals reached a new high point when Fabio founded homeyou.

Fabio’s vision and unwavering commitment to giving users the best experience possible is the central force which keeps the homeyou brand evolving, adapting, and delighting users.

Eduardo Leitao

Eduardo Leitao


The architect behind homeyou, Eduardo has served as the company’s CTO from its first day in February 2013. Since that time his foresight, hunger for innovation, and engineering expertise have been a fundamental base of the homeyou network.

With over ten years of experience as a Senior Software Engineer and CTO for various businesses in Brazil and the United States, Eduardo has proven himself as an endlessly driven and versatile professional. In his many roles through that time, Eduardo’s skill and partnership with Fabio improved to such a point that he could respond to the needs of users and employees alike, often before they’re even noticed by anyone else.

At homeyou, Eduardo’s years of experience and business-oriented approach to software development make him a natural leader and fearless innovator. His software design supplied the business with a groundbreaking platform to grow from. The innovative systems he builds are designed to consistently adapt and serve the expanding scale of homeyou's ever-growing user base.

Under his leadership, the homeyou network is outfitted with intuitive, constantly improving and evolving technologies which can be counted on to always serve the needs of its users.

Artem Filikov

Artem Filikov

VP of Marketing & Corporate Development

With a history of business development and marketing expertise, Artem’s inclusion as a founding member of homeyou and as its VP of Marketing & Corporate Development helped spur the originally close-knit company into the public eye.

Over the past ten years Artem has served as a passionate and forward-thinking marketing strategist for businesses all across the United States. Throughout that time he distinguished himself as having an eye fixed on all the most up-to-date, evolving, and effective ways to acquire users, as well as customer conversion and retention.

His sharp sense for what the market needs has secured the homeyou network its position on the cutting edge of the industry. This intuition along with many years of experience in the intricate world of marketing strategy ensures that the company is consistently pushing expectations.

Today, Artem guides the company into new territories -- forging corporate partnerships and building innovative marketing strategies. His leadership continues to be the driving force which keeps homeyou at the forefront of the industry.

Bill Madeira

Bill Madeira

VP of Operations

As a founding member and VP of Operations at homeyou, Bill supplies the ambitious young start-up with the finance expertise and tireless drive for perfection which made the entire network a reality.

Prior to homeyou, Bill spent well over a decade building and demonstrating his skills as a Network Administrator and Consultant, supporting businesses in a wide variety of roles. Bill’s versatile strengths in business have included everything from product development and testing to financial and big data management. This astounding display of versatility along with Bill’s ability to convert business problems into technological solutions sets him apart as a veritable Renaissance man for tech-focused businesses.

At homeyou, Bill’s breadth of expertise and insistence on ongoing improvements and developments quickly became a trademark of the entire team and, to this day, serves as a foundational component of what homeyou is committed to achieving.

Bill’s expertise and ability to guide the homeyou business through collaboration and innovation is representative of all the advancements and developments yet to come.

Claudio Goncalves

Claudio Goncalves

Director of Engineering

The homeyou team’s first employee and current Director of Engineering, Claudio is responsible for the exciting proprietary software developments which keep the company on the cutting edge of innovation.

With over eight years of largely self-taught software development expertise, both in Brazil and the U.S., Claudio demonstrates a drive to develop software focused on seamless user experience. At a number of companies, including one Claudio founded and ultimately sold, this focus ensured that his skill and adaptability were constantly improving.

At homeyou, Claudio utilizes those same qualities and keeps all aspects of the homeyou network exceeding the needs and expectations of users. Claudio’s elegant software creations along with his eagerness for collaboration made him a natural leader for homeyou’s Engineering department.

Claudio’s hard work and dedication to software development and on-going improvement are perfectly reflective of homeyou’s vision and values as a whole. He serves as a lasting reminder to keep striving for those values as homeyou continues to expand and evolve.