It’s that time of year again. While it may make you sad that you have to shut down the swimming pool over the winter, consider the bright side: you still get to have that sweet hot tub! So make the switch this season and get the most out of your pool areas. Here’s how to winterize a swimming pool and how to open a hot tub in one article.

”Michael Phelps wouldn't have been on the Wheaties box if I stuck with swimming. I've been swimming since I was a little kid. I still swim. I'm the best.” - Marshawn Lynch

How to Winterize a Swimming Pool

The best part is you'll be saving time and money when you re-open it
Remember to cover the pool when everything's done. Source: Better House Keeper

It’s a pain, but the entire idea behind closing your pool is to make it cheaper and easier to open your pool again in the spring. Moreover it protects against any freezing damage that could occur over the winter. And while it may be time consuming, it keeps your pool and your property safer. So here’s how to close a pool:

  1. Shock the water - with the right pH balance of chemicals
  2. Remove all objects from the pool - including any pumps, hoses, or ladders
  3. Skim and vacuum - make sure it’s free of debris
  4. Drain the water - not completely, but enough
  5. Cover the pool - this will protect the area

How to Close an In-Ground Pool for Winter

Follow the steps as listed above, but then there may be some different factors depending on the type of material that your pool is made from. For example, fiberglass pools should be drained almost completely, because fiberglass can crack if too much ice begins to form on top of it. Vinyl is more secure, but should still be drained lower than concrete, and concrete tends to need more pool shock chemicals added to it. Otherwise the best time to close pool for winter is when the temperatures begin to stay around sixty degrees.

How to Close an Above Ground Pool for Winter

Above ground pools aren't much different, thankfully
Above ground pools just need a little care. Source: Radiochimia

Because an above ground pool retains much of the water left in it over the winter, it’s essential to have the right pH balance of chemicals added at the right times. You may seriously want to consider having a professional perform the necessary chemical actions for this type of pool. Additionally to keep the pool from freezing to the cover and defeating the purpose thereof, it can help to put an inflatable “pillow” underneath to prevent the pool from swallowing the cover when it freezes.

How to Open a Hot Tub

Another pool cleaning tip
Who doesn't love when the hot tub opens up? Source: Lovechic

Finally, time for the old hot tub. The first thing you’ll want to check out is if there was any damage to the hot tub, as in cracks in the lining or equipment. The weather can do weird things to water equipment. If the inspection phase passes, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Wipe the tub with water and bleach
  2. Check and affix all hoses and drains
  3. Change the filter
  4. Fill the tub
  5. Sanitize the water
  6. Balance the pH levels
  7. Run the system

You’re going to want to get the best hot tub and pool specialists this fall. Did you know the cost for services changes based on where you live? For example, in Dallas, TX it can cost an average of $2,139 for Jacuzzi repair, while in New York, NY, it can cost an average of $3,597. Want to get a more accurate estimate for free? Get in touch with a homeyou pro near you!

The Transition

Sometimes you can have the best of both worlds
Enjoy the luxury of having a pool and a hot tub. Source: Liacs and Co.

The exchange between a swimming pool and your hot tub can be a little bit of a nuisance, but what can beat taking a hot jet bath when it’s snowing outside? So close up the big pool, and relax in the little one. Even though there are fewer people going for a swim, it’s certainly just as much fun.

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