DIY Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas
Beach weddings are beautiful, unique, and incredible! Source: Confetti Daydreams

Planning a wedding is always a very exciting task, one that can even be intimidating if you don’t know where to start! But we all want something special for our wedding, so we have to stick to our guts and follow that dream.

For brides and grooms planning on marrying at the beach looking for a simpler atmosphere, rest assured a beautiful and fresh outdoor wedding requires just as much planning as any other. Hence why we made this list of ideas to inspire and guide your way through planning!

DIY Message in a Bottle - for the Bride and Groom

DIY Message in a bottle for a beach wedding
DIY message in a bottle for guests! Source: Wedding Forward

Starting off simple - you can set up a simple writing desk for guests to leave messages in a bottle that you can open and read later with your partner. Some couples may want to keep it as a time capsule as well, for the messages to be read only in five years, maybe more. It’s up to you!

DIY Message in a Bottle - for the Guests

DIY message in a bottle for the guests to take home!
DIY message in a bottle for the guests to take home! Source: Living Well Spending Less

Alternatively, you and your partner can leave your own inspirational and thankful messages for the guests to take home. You can either make them generic so they can take home as a small souvenir, or make them personal for each guest! Learn how to make these step-by-step at Living Well Spending Less!

DIY Beach Wedding Aisle

The perfect wedding aisle for a wedding at the beach!
The perfect wedding aisle for a wedding at the beach! Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

The wedding aisle is one of the most important parts of the ceremony, as it will be where the main event will take place. There’s no mystery though. Here are some tips for planning the perfect wedding aisle:

  • Avoid setting up flower petals - it looks incredible, but a windy day may ruin the look. Go for shells, rocks, or DIY lamps to mark the path (like the image above)!
  • Make sure the chairs are safe and stable - if you’re using lighter chairs, they may easily fall or even fly away depending on the wind.
  • Check the weather conditions - an outdoor wedding will depend on the kindness of the weather, so be sure to check if you don't have a rainy or windy forecast on your special date.
  • Leave a basket near the aisle where guests can leave their shoes - like this one!
  • Distribute welcome bags with beach related items (sunscreen, sunglasses, flip-flops, and such)

DIY Mercury Glass Garland

A glass candle holder with mercury garlands.
A glass candle holder with mercury garlands. Source: Soireé Supply

Centerpieces are important to any wedding decoration and these are perfectly rustic for a beach setting, while being easy to set up. Find out more about them here!

DIY Beach Wedding Arch

A DIY wedding arch for the beach.
A DIY wedding arch for the beach. Source: Hi Miss Puff

The bride and groom need a place to shine - that’s where the arch comes in. As you can see, it doesn’t take a million dollars to make one, all you need are some bamboos, cloth of your choosing and some flowers to rock it!

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DIY Flower and Sand Centerpieces

Flower and sand centerpieces for your beach wedding!
Flower and sand centerpieces for your beach wedding! Source: Elegant Wedding Invites

These are absolutely beautiful little centerpieces, and you can make them in different sizes to spice it up a bit! Get this tutorial and many more at Elegant Wedding Invites!

DIY Mason Jar Floating Centerpieces

DIY Mason Jar Floating Centerpieces
A beautiful DIY centerpiece for your beach wedding. Source: Emmaline Bride

Still on the subject of centerpieces, these ones are especially easy to DIY! Get the full tutorial here!

DIY Liquid Copper Decorative Oysters

DIY copper decorative shells
Easy DIY liquid copper decorative shells. Source: Bumble Bree Blog

Now isn’t this lovely? There are so many uses for these decorative shells, going from simple table decor to souvenirs, there is so much possibility. You can learn how to make them at Bumble Bree’s Blog!

DIY Beach Wedding Table Number

DIY beach wedding table number for convenience!
DIY beach wedding table number for convenience! Source: Blitsy Crafts

Weddings, especially at the beach, need organization to work! With these mason jars you can set up where every guest will be and still have it be part of the decoration. Like what you see? Learn how to make it right here!

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