With all the new tech gadgets coming out, kids have started to play video games over playing outside. However, with these dreamy kid-friendly backyard ideas, your kids will want to put down the phone or tablet and run around outside. These creative ideas for projects to create a playful and safe kids backyard design will give your children the most amazing time of their childhood.

Wonderful playground in the backyard.
Dreamy playground in the backyard! Image source: Gardening Prof

In-Ground Trampoline

In-Ground trampoline for the greatest fun.
Everybody loves a trampoline. Image source: Goods Home Design

Even though you can get tired pretty quick, these are so much fun and kids love them! There are a few options without the net around it, but we want our children to be safe, right? So the net is an important part for the in-ground trampoline!

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can even consider installing an in ground trampoline side-by-side to it. Just make sure that you Keep the Pool Safe for Kids and Wildlife.

Sandbox With Bench Seating

Sandbox with bench seating to guarantee a good time.
Set up a sandbox with a bench seating to spend some time with your kids. Image source: Stately Kitsch

The basic steps you will follow are:

  • Locate and prepare the site
  • Pick up the wood and cut the length
  • Finish the wood
  • Install the base and sides
  • Put in the sand
  • Make the lid

Then you’re all set to make the most out of it! Find full instructions on how to DIY here.

Music Wall

Music wall to get creative.
Create all kinds of sounds with your kids here! Image source: Prek + K Sharing

Any part of your backyard fence can be transformed into a music wall. And despite “music” being in the name, you don’t actually need musical instruments for this. Pretty much any object that makes a sound will do the job, such as old pans and buckets. Be creative!

Here are some more Creative Fence Projects For Spring and Summer.

Painted Tire Swing

Painted tire swing.
Have your kids call some friends and play on these swings. Image source: Beauty Harmony Life

Tire swings are so simple and and guarantee lots of fun. Here’s a tutorial on how to paint a rubber tire, then you’ll just need to find the best place to set it up. This is also a chance to get creative while painting the tires, you can ask your kids for inspiration - like their favorite cartoon, favorite colors, etc.

If You Have Enough Space

A big playground in the backyard.
A big backyard requires a big playground. Image source: Housely

If there’s space, you need to use it! This huge backyard was just waiting to have this playground installed. No doubt it will be used for a long time.

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Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard wall to enjoy some inspiration time.
Let your kids imagination flow while using these walls. Image source: Homedit

This is just an additional piece you can add to make your backyard even more awesome for the kids! There are also a lot more Inexpensive Features for Your Backyard Playground.

Tree Houses

Low and Simple

Low and simple tree house.
Low and simple tree house for smaller kids. Image source: The Handmade Home

Ideal for backyards without any trees - also safer for smaller kids. Even though this isn’t really a tree house, it’s adorable and will bring joy to your children.

If you need any tree service done, maybe pruning, trimming, or even removing, find a pro to get a free estimate.


Classic tree house.
A tree house that looks like a movie scene. Image source: Popular Mechanics

Now this is the authentic tree house! It’s a bit more work to build one, but you can always call a pro - or that family member who just loves doing carpentry. In case you’re interested in building it yourself, Popular Mechanics describes the how to.

Which of these will you set up for your kids? Share your thoughts in the comments below and take a look at our Exterior Inspiration page for more DIY ideas.

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