The unparalleled precision of laser cutting gives us some truly fascinating works of art.

They range from simple carvings and small trinkets to incredibly complex cut-outs of tree branches, maps, city skylines, faces, silhouettes, and whatever creativity brings!

If you love this trend just as much as we do, you’ll fall in love with these laser cut ideas!

Birch Tree

This laser cut birch tree will blow you away!

Get a mix of nature, modern art, and minimalism with these birch tree frames that, while separate, perfectly complement each other like a puzzle.

Trees are a common sight when it comes to laser cutting - their irregular branches and outlines make for beautiful pieces of decoration.


Beautiful birds design to upgrade your home.
Beautiful birds design to upgrade your home. Source: Paper-Stories

The beauty of this design is not just the lovely bird design, but how the frame is actually an inch or two away from the wall, creating a nice 3D look with shadows and depth, even on a simple white wall.

Tree Bark Clock With Numbers

A simple and beautiful tree bark clock.
A simple and beautiful tree bark clock. Source: Etsy

A lovely piece of design that’s also practical. This wooden clock makes for an eye-catching piece of decór while being subtle enough to not detract from the environment’s natural balance. If you’re going for a nature look, it’s the perfect choice.

And if you just want something pretty, it’s still a great choice!

Tree of Life

A Tree of Life framed design.
A Tree of Life framed design. Source: Skyline Workshop

A similar tree idea to one we saw before, but this depicts the Tree of Life in horizontal fashion, following that same puzzle-like complementary thing of having three individual frames creating a single whole image.

Almost like the frames themselves are windows!

New York City Skylines

Celebrate your city with its laser cut skylines.
Celebrate your city with its laser cut skylines. Source: Craft Council

A nice way to proudly display and celebrate the city you live in, whichever it may be!

This one gets extra coolness points for the tridimensional effect created with extra layers of wood, perfectly replicating the look of a city skyline in the distance.

Boston Map

Another way to celebrate your city.
Another way to celebrate your city. Source: Laser Cut Maps

For the same reasons as the previous idea, you can have a map of your city laser cut into wood for a surprisingly abstract and maze-like piece of art.

For the big cities, you can pick the area you live in or an iconic and recognizable one instead!

Geometric Sculpture

A beautiful geometric sculpture.
A beautiful geometric sculpture. Source: This Is Colossal

The odd thing about this one is how despite it’s intricate and almost hypnotic design, it’s surprisingly calming to look at.

The huge amount of lines and curves could look overwhelming, but instead they look soothing - perhaps because of the design’s own symmetry and its resemblance to the elements of nature, like flowers.


A simple yet elegant feather design.
A simple yet elegant feather design. Source: Etsy

For the same reason tree branches look awesome in laser cutting, a simple bird feather (greatly enlarged for dramatic purposes) calls attention to itself without making a big deal out of it. Simple, yet elegant.

Wood Arrow Sign

A dazzling wooden sign.
A dazzling wooden sign. Source: Craft Cuts

A design such as this could be easily customized to have:

  • your family’s name
  • your son/daughter’s name and birthday
  • you and your partner’s initials and anniversary

And those are just a few ideas! There are many other wall art ideas to upgrade your home.


Coffee time is just as important as dinner time.
Coffee time is just as important as dinner time. Source: Not On The High Street

One can always show off some cool artwork in the kitchen. After all, coffee time is just as important as lunch and dinner time.

This beautiful piece compiles everything laser cutting can do - the impossibly perfect outlines AND the equally precise wood carving. The tridimensional layered effect just adds to the charm!

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