Having the perfect lighting changes everything! If you’re looking to give a style renovation to your house, or improve what you already have, you can now do it yourself! Follow these easy steps to Install a Light Fixture, adding light to your life and getting the home of your dreams!

A lighting fixture you can install in your own living room
Living room lighting fixture

Let’s get to work!


If you have the option, choose to do this service during the day, with the help of natural light. Make sure to follow safety guidelines, like having a steady ladder.

Off with the Circuit

Check if the fixture you’re replacing or installing is turned on, then find your home’s electrical panel with fuses or circuit breakers. Start turning off each fuse or flip to off, until you find if the circuit of the place you’re doing the installation is the correct one. Then, leave them off, in order to avoid shock hazards.

Metal Plate

Simply remove the face plate frst
First thing's first

To remove the metal plate, loosen up the part that holds the plate covering the junction box (the steel or plastic box that holds the wires).

Remove the Wire Nuts

After you pull the wires down, unscrew the wire nuts entirely.

Take Off the Crossbar

Being careful to hold the entire fixture, unscrew the crossbar. This will let you remove the fixture completely, so keep in mind that it can get really heavy. After this, there’s gonna be just the wires and a hole on the ceiling.

Adding New Pieces

Install the new crossbar, and thread the nipple through the central hole. Add the collar loop on the end of it.

Collar Loop

Place the canopy against the ceiling, to check if there’s enough space for the thread to secure the collar loop and collar nut.

Choose Your Chain Length

It’s a matter of the style and you want to accomplish. If you wish to get it shorter, hang the fixture from the collar loop and mark the link that you will have to open. Keep the chain that was left, so if you want to change the length again, you can.

Shortening the Links

Use two locking pliers to open the link you need to, and shorten the chain as you wish. Close carefully the link again.

Removing the Canopy

Attach the end of the chain to the loop, using the special link that comes with the new fixture. Weave the insulated wire and bare ground wire through the chain. At the top, weave the wire through the collar nut and canopy. 


Now working around the electrical wiring
Electric wiring

Pass the wires through the collar loop and nipple, hiding inside the junction box any extra wire length.

Hanging the Chain

Bend the wires down and out of the junction box. Hang the last link of the chain on the collar loop.

Separating All Wires

Split the fixture wire into two. You can do this by grabbing the ends and pulling in different directions. Strip the plastic coating off the ends for at least half an inch. Connect the white wire on the other white, and black to black. To finish it, just twist the ends together tightly and connect the wire nuts.

Wire to Crossbar

For about four inches from the end of the ground wire, twist it around the ground screw on the crossbar (leave a few inches untwisted). Join the end of the wire to the end of the supply ground wired in the ceiling, finish with a wire nut.

Safe Canopy

Finally, put it all back together
And viola 

Tuck in the wires inside the junction box, keeping the connections to the black/red and white supply wires safely separated. Put the canopy to the ceiling and make it firm and safe with the collar nut.

Job Complete!

Make sure all the screws are tight and the fixture is properly assembled on the ceiling. The next step is to go back to the circuit breaker and turn it on. Now, your light fixture should be working perfectly. Congratulations on installing your own light fixture! Light can be used in many different ways and styles. Upgrade your home with new light fixtures everywhere, as well as dimmers. Invest in your house and your quality of life!

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