The classical interior design style has been a favorite of homeowners who have a deep love of the distinction, elegance, and timelessness of Greek and Roman antiquity for generations. In fact, this style and influence has been major part of interior and exterior designing for hundreds of years and never has it been as popular as it is today. In a direct contrast to the modern interior design trend which has swept across the country, American homeowners are once again looking to the iconic reliability of classical interior design techniques and if you’re interested in a similar style just focus on these three key elements of the classic classical interior design style.

Satisfying Sense of Symmetry

The classical dining room interior design
Elegant dining design

A perfectly created classical interior design style is first and foremost based on the natural sense of comfort and satisfaction which comes from a symmetrical layout. This can be done in a number of ways from a perfectly reflective dining room remodel based around an elegantly long dining table to simple decorative features which create a more perfect illusion of symmetry like long, structural or artistic lines and columns. All of these features supply a stately, safe, and dependable appearance to a room which naturally pays tribute to the structure and strength of ancient Greece and Rome.

Natural Interior Painting Palette

Rather rustic kitchen design
Kitchen with rustic flair

The classical interior design is centered around a certain admiration and respect for the olden world and while this is most immediately apparent in the symmetry and ornamentation of living spaces, the interior painting palette which has become just as much a part of the style is just as essential a component as anything else. When setting up your home’s classical interior design focus on an interior painting palette found entirely in history and nature. Often this will result in subdued tones instead of the common, stark colors that modern interior design embraces. Subtle blues, greens, yellows, and off-white are perfect for homeowners striving for the classical interior design style. Likewise, wallpaper removal is an excellent way to better create this style and feeling in your home as it removes the complex patterns and decorative elements of wallpaper from your rooms, opening them up to a simpler, more soothing appearance.

Floor Your Guests with Your Flooring

Victorian bathroom fixtures

To achieve a true classical interior design style it’s important to stay true to the materials and influences of the Greco-Roman period which is the central pillar of the design. While this isn’t a reasonable thing to do when it comes to certain elements of your home’s layout for concerns of decreased efficiency, functionality, or safety, the flooring installation which you choose to have done is one of the rare parts of the home that can still perfectly pay tribute to Greek and Roman designs. Flooring installations such as marble, hardwood, slate, and stone are now available to match nearly any interior design remodel perfectly.

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