Power washing is a popular technique of exterior house cleaning, especially for the driveway, siding, and roof. But did you know there are some materials and things you shouldn't power wash on any occasion? 

In some cases, power washing can cause damage due to pressure or even temperature. Take a look below to know more about what you should never power wash:

Painted Walls

Even if your walls are very dirty, do not power wash them, at least if you plan on keeping the paint job on your walls. The pressure of the water can wear out the painting quite easily.

If you want to clean your walls from any dirt, use warm water and non-abrasive all-purpose cleaners. In general, that's the best way for you to do it.

Wood Surfaces

Sometimes you can see some people power washing wood materials, but it's not recommended.

Some types of wood are really vulnerable when in contact to pressure, or even to water. The wood can develop several issues, including splintering and mold development due to the exposure to humidity. And I’m pretty sure that’s not what you plan to deal with.

Old Mortar

The mortar is, no doubt, a strong and firm substance with very few weaknesses, but, like any other material, it can get weaker as time goes by. That’s why when the mortar gets old, the water along with the pressure can be a poison to it. Certainly, power washing would clean the dirt on it, but also would damage the rest of the strength the mortar has.

Cleaning a material such as old mortar requires careful and specific cleaning. Resources like exterior house washing services or asking for professional advice are recommended if you’re interested in cleaning the old mortar around your house.

Electrical Panels/Devices

Even if they’re made of strong material, like metal or iron, and are able to withstand a lot of complicated situations, power washing can still cause some damage. Injuries such as dents in the panel, issues in the system, and other similar problems are some of the harms that can appear due to the power washing.  


As a fragile material, glass can easily break if put under that much pressure. And the danger is not only for the glass to break, but also for you or the person cleaning it. When breaking due to pressure, the glass quickly and aggressively shatters all over the place, being able to hit whoever's around.

For cleaning glass surfaces, power washing isn’t needed, even if it’s extremely dirty. There are many products appropriate for glass cleaning you should use with the help of simple equipment like cloths or sponges.


If you plan on cleaning your car or any other vehicle, keep the idea of power washing out of your mind. This technique can cause small dents, chip the paint, and even cause serious damage to your vehicle's systems you could not repair, needing professional mechanical services.

Light Fixtures

The outdoor light fixtures may be prepared and protected from rainwater, but not the pressure the power washing utilizes to clean it. It can damage the system or the external material, which would require professional help to fix or replace it.

Plants and animals

If nonliving things can already get seriously damaged with the power washing, imagine what it could make on living things, whether they are animals, trees, or small plants. The pressure of the water can strongly hurt them.


Even though power washing is common for cleaning gutters, it's not recommended at all. The pressure of the water can damage the material, harming the gutter's objective, which is collecting the rainwater and forwarding it away from the house.

Keep in mind:

Choose the right pressure: If you need to clean your car or other delicate material, choose a low-pressure nozzle angle. 

Keep an eye on the temperature: avoid water in extreme temperatures, such as really hot or freezing water. It’s always recommended for a warm or mild temperature.

Avoid too much pressure: even though the pressure is basically the big characteristic of power washing, too much pressure can be dangerous in any occasion and that’s why you should control it to keep it in the correct average. 

Do not sleep on your landscape: when power washing the house garden, sometimes it goes unnoticed, but it’s important for you to protect the plants and other delicate items, which are not appropriate for power washing.  

Protect yourself: Use appropriate gear and lock your children and pets inside the house to avoid accidents and injuries. Also, remember to stay away from what you’re power washing. It’s common for the water pressure to reasonably hurt people.

Remember: it may look easy and sometimes it is, but be careful with power washing, since it can cause some accidents you want to avoid. 

Professional exterior house cleaning services can safely clean your home and prevent any damage. Contact a local company and request advice or a free quote for the project!


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