Whether you need to craft a DIY project or perform basic repairs in your home, you need the right tools. Of course, especially for the latter, you never know when these situations will present themselves - most repairs are unplanned.

These are the tools you should always keep in handy. With a collection like this, you’ll always be equipped for whatever repairs are necessary, and whatever craft you’re starting!

A reliable set of screwdrivers

Have a reliable set of screwdrivers
Have a reliable set of screwdrivers. Source: Amazon

Like most of the tools described here, a good set of screwdrivers is something that proves itself useful usually sooner than later.

Most small repairs, furniture assembly, and electrical services benefit from a reliable set of screwdrivers with various interchangeable heads. It’s easy to store away, to keep organized, and it will always be useful for something.

But don’t forget: Allen Keys

Allen keys are an essential tool.
Allen keys are an essential tool. Source: Amazon

A set of Hex Keys or Allen Keys is great for assembling furniture together, and although most pieces from places like IKEA already come with the right tools for assembly, it’s good having your own set to fall back on. They can be used for bicycles, toys, and other household items as well.

An adjustable wrench and pliers

An adjustable wrench and pliers set for your home.
An adjustable wrench and pliers set for your home. Source: Amazon

The great thing about an adjustable wrench is how it fits itself into most nuts and bolts without any problem, ridding you of having to purchase and maintain 15 different wrenches. Not to mention trying to find the right one!

Pliers are incredibly useful.
Pliers are incredibly useful. Source: Amazon

The same goes for a small set of multi-purpose pliers. There’s so much you can do with them, from electrical repairs to crafts and DIY projects.

You can always find these sold individually, but there are also sets with both wrenches and pliers.

A nice drill

A drill driver always comes in handy.
A drill driver always comes in handy. Source: Amazon

A screwdriver set (as previously mentioned) solves almost every problem when it comes to most furniture assembly and small household repairs, but a drill driver is like the ultimate screwdriver.

It greatly facilitates small and advanced repairs, while still being portable and easy to use.

A small drill driver like the one above solves most problems, but If you’re looking for something with a little more punch, try this one.

A sturdy hammer

A hammer is one of the most essential household tools.
A hammer is one of the most essential household tools. Source: Amazon

The usual claw hammer should work fine for almost every situation you come across…

But you can get a little more specific with a lightweight hammer for smaller nails. It increases your precision, avoids mistakes, and after you have it, you’ll find it better than the big hammer for certain situations.

Lots of extension cords

Extension cords are always convenient.
Extension cords are always convenient. Source: Amazon

You can get away with missing a few of these tools - sometimes there are easy solutions or you can just make use of a similar tool… but with extension cords, there’s no way around it: you need extension cords. We all do.

Have at least a few of these babies stored away for emergencies. You never know when you’ll need them, but when you do, the only solution is having them.

At least one hacksaw

A hacksaw is better for cutting materials.
A hacksaw is better for cutting materials. Source: Amazon

An utility knife is important and kitchen knives can work around certain situations, but for cutting pipes, tubing, brakes, wood, and bolts, you need a good hacksaw. It’s easy to acquire and have handy in your arsenal of tools, and you’ll be glad you got one.

If you REALLY need a bulkier hacksaw, try something like this.

The essential tape measure

A tape measure is great for crafts.
A tape measure is great for crafts. Source: Amazon

Whether it’s for repairs, measuring furniture, or for DIY purposes, a simple tape measure goes a long way (get it?). There are plenty of sizes to choose from, but you’ll rarely need more than a 25 feet one.

Utility Knife

An utility knife is always better than a kitchen knife.
An utility knife is always better than a kitchen knife. Source: Amazon

It’s not a good idea to rely on your kitchen knives for crafting and repairs. Before you know it, they’ll start losing their edge or simply become misplaced.

The utility knife is useful for most DIY crafts and repairs and has a safer grip.

Step Stool

A step stool is safe and easy to store.
A step stool is safe and easy to store. Source: Amazon

Chairs and boxes might work from time to time, but the safety issue stands - they’re not made for climbing on. Luckily, a simple step stool solves most household problems where you need to climb a bit higher without the hassle of maneuvering a ladder. It’s small, light, and easy to store.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are often forgotten.
Safety glasses are often forgotten. Source: Amazon

Often overlooked when cutting, screwing, or simply replacing a light bulb, a pair of safety glasses is essential to make sure your eyes are safe from small particles and tiny debris.

The magnificent all-in-one set

An awesome all-in-one set.
An awesome all-in-one set. Source: Amazon

Liked all of them? Want all of them? You don’t have to go very far to get it: you can find sets with all of the aforementioned tools in one fantastic looking collection. No more excuses!

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