There are few things as upsetting as just trying to take a shower and realizing after some time that you’re taking a foot bath. Unfortunately, this happens to many homes and many bathrooms. Today we’ll be showing you how to unclog a shower drain full of hair. It might be easier than you think. And yes, we’ll also go into how to unclog a shower drain when Drano doesn't work.

”Every empire has to get sucked down the drain. As a British person, I know how it feels.” - John Oliver

When there’s Standing Water

Uh oh, the shower drain is clogged again
What your shower should look like. Source: Simple Beautiful Life

It’s such a pain, but you’re going to want to get rid of as much of the water as possible first. Use a bucket, or if there’s a great deal of water, a sump pump. This is important because standing water can breed mold, mildew, and bacteria. Which is not something you want in your house. So here’s how to unclog a shower drain with standing water.

  1. Remove the water (as previously noted)
  2. Using gloves, remove any visible blockage at the top of the drain
  3. Disconnect the strainer
  4. Use one of the methods down below to restore your shower’s function

Plunger Time

Here's how to uncork that bottle
Hope you have a bucket ready Source: YouTube

Before you reach for the plunger, try this old trick: pour a pot of boiling hot water down the drain first. It that works, great. If not, then you have enough water to effectively use a plunger on the drain. Once a seal is created, plunge away! This effort is best used for soft blockages. But sometimes you’ll need to know how to unclog a shower drain full of hair. In any case if that fails, move on to a different solution depicted below.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Oldies but goodies
Here's an old trick that might just do it. Source: Nicole Van Puten

You may remember this trick from the science fair as a kid. Also, you probably already have these items on hand. Again, make a boiling hot pot of water and keep that on hand. Then, pour as much of the baking soda down the drain as possible. Next, slowly pour in the vinegar. The chemical reaction can break down particles that may be trapping the water. Once that stops, hit it with the boiling water. This clogged drain home remedy may have to be repeated a few times.

The Plumbing Snake

A cable auger can fix your troubles
Try a plumbing snake for that drain. Source: Amazon

You may have to purchase or rent a cable auger, but it’s incredibly effective. There’s a reason no plumbing van comes without one. As an added bonus, the design of the tool actually preserves and protects your pipework. So you don’t have to fear the risk of any damage.

If you’re asking how to unclog a shower drain with a snake, the answer is surprisingly easy. Just send it down the drain and use the handle to slowly uncoil it. Works like a charm.

Try Not to Use Chemicals

Conversely, using chemicals can really hurt your drains. You may be tempted to flush Drano or bleach down a clogged drain pipe and call it a day, but most plumbers agree it’s really bad for your pipes. After all, would you rather pay for a plumber to unclog your drain, or to have them replace part of your pipework? You can save money by not using chemicals.

Call in the Cavalry

Your friendly plumbing professional can help
Last resort is to call a plumber. Source: The Spruce

If all else fails, call a plumber. These tips can work, but they don’t always work. So hire a professional plumber to get the best results. You’ll be thankful you did the next time you go to take a hot shower.

But enough about our recommendations, it’s time to get to it! Start by calling a professional plumber for a free quote today. Or visit homeyou to see more ideas. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for the latest tips and suggestions.

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