There’s a lot more that goes into your home’s front door than you may think and between the impact this component has on your home’s curbside appeal, energy efficiency, security, and basic functionality, finding the perfect entry door for your home is absolutely worth investing time and careful consideration in. With that in mind, consider these unique styles for your home’s new entry door before you settle for a standardized look that even slightly diminishes the appeal and efficiency of your home. You’ll be amazed by the difference a new entry door installation can have on your home as a whole!

Steel Entry Doors

Steel entry doors offer security and dependability.
Steel entry doors offer security and dependability.

While it may not sound like the most inviting entryway for your home, steel entry door installations offer a huge amount of security and dependability to your home as well as up to 97% of the cost of installation recouped. What’s more, steel front doors are becoming such a universally appreciated feature that manufacturers are introducing countless colors, styles, and designs to the available options for the material, while also introducing steel cores to a wide variety of other entry door styles for increased durability and security.

Wood Entry Doors

Absolutely timeless in appearance and always inviting is style, traditional wood entry doors are now available from all the major door manufacturers in an enormous variety of style, sizes, textures, and type of wood. This almost guarantees that the precise style of door you’re looking for is available with hardwood. What’s more many styles of wood entry doors on the market today are available with steel or aluminum cores to increase their strength and resilience to the pressure of everyday use. All that considered, hardwood front doors tend to be the most expensive option on the market today, both in terms of upfront cost for installation and overtime as a result of maintenance needs.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass entry doors are customizable and versatile.
Fiberglass entry doors are customizable and versatile.

Installing fiberglass entry doors to your home is the best option if you’re interested in maintaining as much customizability and convenience as possible. This material is incredibly versatile, standing resiliently against the wear and tear that all exterior materials encounter while also perfectly imitating the style of hardwood, or even establishing a more modern, sleek look, depending on your personal style. As a result of the material’s versatility and easy customization homeowners who have fiberglass entry doors installed can expect about 71% of their expenses returned!

Aluminum Entry Doors

As with steel entry doors, aluminum doors offer a very high level of security and durability to any residence. Unlike steel, however, aluminum front doors tend to be quite expensive to install since each and every piece is individually manufactured and fitted for the home in question. Aside from increasing the cost of the installation, however, this customization ensures that homeowners who choose to have aluminum entry doors installed get precisely what they’re looking for in regard to style, fit, accent features, and security demands.

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