You can do your part to save the environment with recycling bins that you use at home. Many brands make organizers that help you separate the materials you want to use, but you'll also need to find a place to take those materials. 

There are many junk removal companies that will bring a bin to your home, which you can set out every week or every other week and let them pick it up and recycle it for you. 

Before you invest in those bins though, you need to make sure you know what can be recycled! 

Organic Materials

Did you know that you can recycle any of the organic materials that your family produces? 

When you spend a lot of time cooking, you probably have tons of fruit and vegetable scraps that you simply throw in the trash can. 

  • You can store vegetable scraps in a zip-top bag in your freezer and add new scraps later. Once you fill the bag, use it with turkey or other meat bones to make a delicious broth. 
  • You can also use these organics combined with leaves as compost if you have a garden. 
  • If you have an old Christmas tree, call recycling and disposal companies in your area. They may offer to pick them up or have a location where you can drop them off. 
  • You can do the same thing with yard waste, including old plants and dead leaves or tree branches.


One of the more common materials that you can recycle at home is metal. Waste recycling companies often accept cans as long as you rinse them out and remove the labels. 

If you make peas for dinner, tear off the label and toss it in your paper bin. Rinse the inside of the can with a little water to remove any organic matter inside. 

The aluminum soda cans that hold your favorite soda or juice can also go in the recycling bin. While you can collect aluminum cans and recycle them yourself for money, it's often easier to put them out with your other recycling.


Most of the glass from around your home is safe to recycle. This includes the glass jars that come filled with cooking ingredients, drinks, and beauty products.

Before you put them in the recycling bin, remove any labels or glue stuck to the outside. You also need to rinse the bottle. If there is any residue on the inside or outside of the bottle, it may end up in the trash and not the recycling center. 

Not all glass items are recyclable though. These centers will not accept light bulbs and cookware made of glass. You may find that you cannot recycle auto or home window glass either.


Plastic is one of the easiest things to recycle, which is why you see plastic bottle recycling bins at stores and in parks. When you go for a hike or a long walk and carry a bottle of water with you, finish it off at the end of your route and toss it in one of those bins. 

Before you try to recycle plastics at home, look for a number on the bottom of the object. If you see a number 1 or 2 inside a small triangle, the product is recyclable. These numbers commonly appear on beauty products and drinks. If you see a higher number, your recycling company may not accept it.


Most homes produce a lot of paper waste every week. Just think about how much junk mail you get. You can recycle almost all types of paper, including junk mail and old newspapers as well as magazines and books. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Many recycling companies will not accept pizza boxes because of the organic matter stuck to the inside. 
  • Some also turn down juice boxes because they use a small amount of plastic on top of the paper. 
  • You can add certain paper products to your compost piles and use them in your garden. 
  • If you have a large number of books, you can donate them to people in need or give them away to other readers.


While fabric isn't the first thing you think of recycling, you can recycle most types of fabric. Many organizations have fabric recycling containers that they set out in public. You'll find them near thrift stores and some grocery stores. 

The recycling bin should have a label that shows what it does and does not accept. You can usually dispose of both clothing and shoes. If your items are not in good condition, the organization may bundle them with other items that they sell to other groups. 

When you decide to recycle and set up bins around your house, make sure you know what materials you can and cannot recycle. Contact a local junk removal service to pick up your recycling items! 


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