We are Artur Weber & Adelina Domingos. We are employed at the Department of Foreign Languages, and we are first year post-graduates at the Ecological University in the city of Curitiba. “Construction of eco-houses and arrangement of their associated areas” is our recent research.

We mastered English at the University, to be exact – the department of foreign languages. Machine modeling and architecture were the main subjects during our studying. Although within the practical training period we also learnt how to work with a number of useful programs, including GraphiSoft ArchiCAD. A part of our work is translation of technical texts from English into Plain English or Portuguese and vice versa. Due to this reason we had to work with a lot of specific terminology. One more aspect of our experience is our collaboration with several IT-companies in domain of technical documentation localisation. We have presented a series of lectures on the topic: “Peculiarities of technical documentation translation into English in the countries of Latin America”.