We’re huge fans of any home decor piece that is both practical and beautiful, especially if it can do double or triple duty. That’s why we love the new trend of plant partitions and living wall room dividers. Aesthetically pleasing, practical, and good for our health? Sign us up! We guarantee you’ll want one after looking at our list of the ten coolest plant partitions and living wall room dividers.

Outdoor Plant Partition

Kitchens outdoors: plant partitions for a dining room table
Garden table HGTV

While many people think plants only thrive outdoors, that doesn’t mean they have to simply sit in a pot or a garden bed and look pretty. Plants can be functional as well. Take this outdoor plant partition for example. By hanging plants on the fence walls, this homeowner has created an intimate, natural dining space for the backyard.

Living Outdoor Area Divider

Use cactai as walls outdoor plant partition
Cacti walls AA13

If the first example was a little too intimate for your style, consider using tall cacti, bushes, or small trees to separate the different areas of your backyard. These cacti partitions offer some privacy while maintaining a clear - but airy and open - line between the dining area and the rest of the yard.

Metal Plant Partition

Custom modern metal plant partition
Metal planters Castorama

If you like to mix decor styles, consider implementing this modern industrial plant partition in your home. By mixing natural green plants with the cool metal of industrial planters, you can turn your home into a harmonious blend of textures and styles.

Hanging Plant Partition

Hanging plants Brit+Co

A hanging garden divider is a great way to visually separate two spaces and still maintain an airy, open feel. This vertical living wall is a wonderfully fun and modern way to purify the air in your home while dividing your rooms.

Vertical Garden Room Divider

Interior wall decor with plantlife
Stylish wall Apartment Therapy

When you need a more closed-off room divider than the previous example, consider a full-sized vertical garden wall. Stunning, living, and purifying, this vertical garden wall is sure to be a conversation starter.

Modern Moss Room Divider

Moss divider for a home interior
Moss divider Monamour

For a more modern and artistic look, create your own living moss wall with square and round sections of varying sizes. It creates an effect similar to a gallery wall, but this one will purify the air in your home and give your green thumb plenty of exercise.

Take your living moss wall to the next level by using moss graffiti on some sections to write welcoming or inspiring phrases.

Rolling Plant Partition

Rolling plant cart for a home interior
Rolling plants Studio Nitzan Cohen

Looking for a more simplistic and versatile approach to the plant partition craze? Get this simple planter cart. You can move it whenever you need a little extra privacy or if you simply enjoy changing the shape and size of your spaces on a regular basis.

Pegs and Planters Room Divider

Home interior pegs and planters room divider
Pegs and planters Design Milk

Perfect for your office space, this unique planter-and-peg room divider is minimalistic, modern, and artistic. You’ll love how it breaks up your office with its lively color and peaceful zen-like style.

Air Cleaning Green Partition

Pac man has nothing on this plant
Plant life Tuvie

If you’ve ever sighed over professional Topiaries in a formal garden, then you’ll love this next entry on our list. The air purifying green partition from the brilliant and creative mind of Ann Baldina creates that custom topiary feel right in your home. It’s a stunning living work of art that doubles as a gorgeous room divider and triples as a natural air purifier.

Upside Hanging Plant Screen

Upside down hanging plant screen
Upside down world Bandwidth Blog

While upside down gardens are pretty unique and spectacular on their own, using one as a space separating screen is downright ingenious. They create a clearly defined space while adding a sense of humor and adventure.

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