I have a love for chalkboards, and they have found their way into almost every room in my home.  Chalkboards are unique, inexpensive, functional (they make great calendars), and easily changeable (wipe away one quote for the next)!  Chalkboards are the perfect decor piece for any home.

One of my favorite chalkboards is this calendar I made from an old mirror.  Not only is it pretty, but it helps keep my family organized.

Chalkboard Calendar & Shoe Cubby

I needed artwork for my daughter's room, so I painted a chalkboard right on her wall using painter's tape.  I found an old frame at an antique shop and hung it up to frame the chalkboard.

Lena's Room

I wanted a way to document my family's travels.  I found a large cork board and painted it with chalkboard paint.  I added a map, and now we have a travel map!

Pattern Wall with Frog Tape

  I painted a mirror with chalkboard paint and created a great conversation piece for our dining room.

Dining Room Close Up

  Chalkboard paint on tags makes great markers for plants and herbs.

Planting in Mason Jars

Let your kids join in on the fun with a large chalkboard wall.

Play Room

Chalkboard Wall

Showcase special dates with chalkboards.

Bar Cart Wall

Chalkboards are also seasonal.  This past Christmas I created a Christmas countdown calendar using a chalkboard painted on a canvas.

Entertaining with Tivoli

And I created cheap Christmas artwork for my fireplace by painting a large corkboard and transferring an image.

Christmas Fireplace Decor

If you need an easy method for perfect chalkboard lettering, check out my DIY tutorial HERE.


I use three different forms of "chalk" when I'm creating my chalkboards.  Obviously regular old chalk is great for chalkboards.  However, chalk is easily wiped away.  If you are looking for a more permanent solution, you can use either a china marker or chalk pen.

Chalkboard Writing Utensils

China markers (grease pencils) are great because they give the opaque chalk look while being permanent.  You do not need to worry about your kids wiping away your chalk creations with china markers!

If  you want a semi-permanent option, then chalk markers are great.  They do not wipe away like chalk, but they will wash off with a little water and effort.  However, they are like markers in that they have a more coverage, so they are a little less chalk-like in appearance.

Hopefully these ideas and tips will get you inspired to create chalkboard decor for your home!


Sara Davis is the DIY home décor blogger behind Sincerely, Sara D. Sara believes she was created to create and loves sharing her work in hopes of inspiring others through her trial and error. In her DIY project tutorials, Sara shows that anyone can create a beautiful space with little cost and effort while giving others the confidence to create! Find Sara on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

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