Before the term “Bohemian” became famous in modern times as a way to live an unconventional, creative, artistic life, it was best known as the travelers (or better, from the french bohémien, meaning “gypsy”). The history of bohemians is rich and definitely worth exploring. Here we have that history and art in pictures to inspire you to add some color, nature and spice in your bedroom!

Intricate Native American style bedroom rug
Intricate patterns Pinterest

Bohemian Icons and Style

Boho chic for chicks
boho chic 

The bohemian style has been a strong style statement and you can draw inspiration from icons like Ali McGraw, Cher, Stevie Nicks, Jane Birkin, Janis Joplin, and more from the 60s and 70s. Recently on New York Fashion Week a lot of bohemian 70s trends like suede, velvet, and lots of colorful prints appeared on the runway. Whether you incorporate these trends in your closet or not, you can easily have them in your home.

Most common style decor for a bohemian bedroom include crochet, tie dye, paisley, florals, suzani, ruffles, fringes, Moroccan lanterns, flowers, plants, terrariums, faux fur, animal inspiration, beaded curtains, hammocks, bright colors and a bold mix of patterns.

Black & White Heaven

The natural bedroom tones of the boho chic
Bedroom earth tones Bloglovin

Many people believe a bohemian room will be saturated with colors everywhere. This bedroom in neutral tones shows how beautiful a boho chic look can be, even if you like B&W much more than a colorful room. Only the warm mood lighting from candles, lamp and the green plants break the monotonous tone. Small touches make a big difference in this style.

Outdoor Feel

Gypsy bedroom decor
Gypsy yarn Gypsy Yaya

There’s no such thing as too many plants in a boho room. Better than any artwork or fancy painting, the simplicity of the painted bricks and plants on the wall is the key to success in this bedroom.

Construction wood

A curtain of white cloth around a bedroom
Bed curtain Pinterest

The carefree look of construction or distressed wood already gives you a more natural artistic vibe. It’s all about natural raw touches and not having everything perfect. Using this type of wood is also a great way to save some money, since sometimes you can even get them for free in a construction site or at least very cheap.

The Industrial Bohemian

Relaxing hammock on a boho living room
Boho living room Decor Zone

Breaking the cold concrete space with plants, red kimono and warm lighting. The hammock were used by gypsies originally, since it’s easy to set up and carry in a bag. If you don’t have space for a full size one, get a single sitting hammock chair for the corner of your room.


Classic mixed with bohemian decor
Miced bedroom Interior Collective

Classic! Mixing prints together like a pro it’s an art you can learn and master. Other staples like a dreamcatcher, fringed rug and mandala tapestries are simple ways to decorate that make it instantly more bohemian.

Grey Matter

Grey coloring isn't colorless in a bedroom
Earthly dream catcher Decor Holic

Also another huge trend from NYFW. Grey is incredibly chic, classy and will make anything look so grown up and stylish. It’s a cold color, so if you want to warm it up, add candles and turn on the lamps to brighten up the place.

Delicate Fairy Lights

A blue comforter brings a lot of color to the bedroom
Comfy bedroom Urban Outfitters

Completely dreamy and serene with the blue bedding. This is a great way to have that magic from fairy lights but in a subtle way. Hidden with the fabric (like a light chiffon or tulle), it becomes super delicate.

Wild & Free

Fluffy faux fur even a furry fluff fox can love
Incredible warm bedroom Blog.Freepeople

Faux fur (always faux!) is not only bohemian at its core, but comfortable and perfect for winter times. The cream colored faux fur throw works as a well-tailored canvas for the wine pillow and rug. The best part? Puppy friendly!

Dark Edge

Daily Interior Design Blog

Using darker fabrics for that edgier look, adding some visual interest to the cream color of the walls and the little lights from the ceiling. Hanging fairy lights can change your bedroom so much, and in matter of minutes.

The Brighter, The Better

Turquoise and neon blue plus pink colors in a bedroom
Big color scheme The Melrose Family

Colors are nothing to be scared of. They give energy and cheer you up, inspiring you to create. Have fun playing with prints too. Even if you think it was randomly chosen, it’s essential to have at least one element of continuity. In this space the blue is predominant, present in various shades and decor forms, tying everything together.

Modern White

Modern bohemian style bedroom coloring
Modern boho Lonny

Ultra chic with white, faux fur and sleek wooden floors. A modern bohemian would love the subtle touches in this room. Quick transformation trifecta: big plant vase, white sheets and strong statement area rug!

Star Tent

Cozy comforting bohemian colors in the bedroom
Lights in the bed Urban Outfitters

Feel like you’re on a festival under the stars every night. White led lights are more energy efficient (and heat less, so displaying it with fabric around it’s safer). In a cozy corner with that camping tent vibe, all you need is comfy blankets, good company and a cup of cocoa.


Orange cushions in a boho bedroom life
Morroco vibe Residence Style

A bohemian must-have! Bright colors, prints and gorgeous painted tiles. Hack for the same effect on the walls: light up candles in metal perforated candle holders. The shadow created on walls and furniture imitates the same moroccan patterns, or any other drawing you choose, like a constellation.

Fairytale Canopy

Canopy to make other bedrooms envious
The ultimate canopy Residence Style

Canopy beds are common in boho chic bedrooms and can be made with a variety of fabrics and styles. In high ceilings it has an even bigger dramatic effect.

Smooth fabrics and plants or view to the woods will add that “out in the nature” magic that bohemians adore. It’s all about art, nature, love and freedom. The style reflects that sense of creativity without limits, and the happiness of appreciating nature, enjoying carefree time with loved ones, and other simple moments that we realize are big moments when looking back. Capture the essence of bohemian life and style with these ideas and give some color to your life.

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