If there’s one thing anyone who loves to cook knows, it’s that having an organized kitchen is an absolute necessity. When you’re in the zone, you don’t want your food to burn while you’re trying to find a spatula or another pan. If you’re constantly searching for the right tool, get some help on organization from these amazing kitchens.

Use A Wire Grid

Use a wire grid or pegboard to hang kitchen utensils
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Hanging spatulas, wooden spoons, or any other cooking utensil makes it so much easier to grab quickly when you need it. To make your cooking less stressful, invest in a wire grid or pegboard. Use S hooks to keep your utensils off the counter and close by.

Use a Magnetic Knife Strip

Oven ideas: use a magnetic strip to hang knives
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If you don’t have the space in your drawers or on your counters for a wooden knife block, hang a magnetic strip on your wall to hang your knives on. You won’t worry about loose knives in the drawer and you’ll be able to grab them when you need them.

Use a Lazy Susan

Kitchen organization: a lazy susan helps you reach items in the back of corner cabinets
Lazy susan StyleCaster

A lazy Susan is great for those oddly shaped corner cabinets. It allows you to reach whatever you need without taking everything out and putting it back in again.

Use a Rolling Cart for Cookbooks

Dining space savers: a rolling cart makes a great home for cookbooks
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If you don’t have the cabinet or shelf space for all of your cookbooks, consider getting a small rolling cart. You’ll be able to keep all of your cookbooks organized and tidy, so you’ll always be able to find them.

Use Clear Containers for Food

Dining room tips: use clear containers to store food
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Whether you have open shelving or use a pantry, clear food containers are wonderful investments. For a uniform look, buy the same style of container in varying sizes. If you’re still worried about mixing up flour and sugar, print out your own labels.

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