Buying a bunch of pop cultural references is one of the most pleasurable ways of decorating your home. Fortunately, having a decent collection of anything geek related is easy when you do it yourself!

Yes, we’re talking about DIY! And yes, I know what you’re thinking.

Isn't this what we all think when we hear DIY?
Exactly what you're thinking. Source: I Think in Comics

Calm down, I know we can do it! I made sure to get mostly things that are cheap, easy and fast to make by yourself. However, I included a few challenges too, just to spice things up!

Ready? Let’s begin!

Fantasy Maps

Wall art decor for all you Lord of the Rings fans!
Don't get lost in your fantasy world! Source: Milk and Cookies

Difficulty: Easy peasy

The best thing about this DIY wooden frame is that it LOOKS real - it’s like the map belongs there. However, you could take a more modern approach that doesn’t require crafting: just print them on couché and put them in a simple frame of your choice, such as:

Wall art: Modernize your fantasy world maps by framing them.
Modernize your fantasy world map with a simple frame. Source: Etsy

It’s easy to find these maps around the web, but I’ve selected a few of my favorites (in HD) for you here:


Home entertainment. Because quoting Pulp Fiction all the time is never enough.
When will we ever be done with quoting Pulp Fiction? Source: Andy Sowards

Difficulty: None

Posters are probably the cheapest, most cliched way of decorating on a budget, and for good reason: THEY’RE AWESOME! Clichés only become clichés because they work. You can print and put any poster you love on a frame spending very little.

Because I’m such a nice person (I went to further than the FIFTH Google search page for you!), I’ve selected a few links where you can find some incredible poster art in HD for free:

TARDIS Phone Charging Station

Timey wimey home decor. This charging station is bigger on the inside.
The only charging station that's bigger on the inside. Source: Makezine

Difficulty: Call mom

OK, this may be a little tricky if you never sewed before (which is my case), but I NEED THIS. It’s cute and it protects your screen from harm. It’s almost like it’s bigger on the inside. Hehe.

“Modern” Vase

(Old) Technology meets nature!
DIY Home Decor. Source: Marceladick

Difficulty: All you need is a time machine

Now isn’t this a weird combination? Old technology and nature. And it’s super easy to craft too, I just don’t know where one would find these 3D prints of the save icon.

DIY Coasters

Custom DIY coasters for coffee? Yes, please.
Retro comics as coasters. Source: Mod Podge Rocks

Difficulty: If I can do it, so can you

As a coffee lover myself, I can say this: you can never have too many coasters. And having them custom made just with any print you like is even better.

Harry Potter Wands

Home DIY wands are incredibly easy to make
You can make on these Harry Potter wands in less than ten minutes. Source: Boxy Colonial

Difficulty: Riddikulus!

It’s offensively cheap and easy to personalize - you can literally do in less than ten minutes. Then, you can use them to play around (although I don’t know why anyone would ever do that), or, since we’re talking decoration, you can make some different ones in color and shape and put them on display.

Minecraft Torch

Light the way (to the bedroom) with this Minecraft torch!
DIY Lighting Fixture! Source: Be A Fun Mum

Difficulty: Easier than getting addicted to Minecraft

That was a poser joke, I actually never played Minecraft - but I’ve seen YouTube videos of people who have. It’s an incredibly charming decór for your bedroom, especially if you like working with the lights out, since the light isn’t aggressive on the eyes.

Gallifreyan Blinds

Protect your home windows with Gallifreyan giberish!
I wonder what does that say? Source: Please Excuse My Craftermath

Difficulty: You will need an adult

Instead of drawing random circles, you can use this Gallifreyan translator to write whatever you want. It can be your name, an obscure reference or an unpopular opinion, it doesn’t matter, no one will know. The crafting part should take quite some time, so only a true fan will finish this one. Or someone who goes a really long way for a joke.

Tesseract from The Avengers

This Tesseract is actually useful for something!
DIY Home Lighting. Source: Instructables

Difficulty: Meh

This is not the best looking one out of the ones I found, but it’s definitely the easiest and simplest to make. With a few extra ideas to improve the design, you can make it a decent prop for a cosplay or just a nice lamp for your bedside. But if you’re willing to go an extra mile, try this one.

Also, does anyone even know what the hell the Tesseract is? There are like twenty Marvel Universe movies and I still don’t know.

The Lord of the Rings Wood Rack

Home DIY beautiful Lord of the Rings wood rack is just waiting for you
If Frodo could carry the Ring, you can build this rack. Source: Our Peaceful Planet

Difficulty: Smithing Perk Level 10

This one is pretty much laid down for you already, you just have to put the pieces together. Though it does require a little patience and craft skill, I’m sure you can handle it. The result is certainly worth the trouble!

Dark Brotherhood Warning from Skyrim

Skyrim fans beware this decoration idea
What do they know? WHAT DO THEY KNOW? Source: Imgur

​Difficulty: Literally the easiest thing ever

Print or paint a piece of paper. Stab the wall with a cheap knife. Done. Also, this may seriously confuse a friend who loves Skyrim - stab one of these on their front doors without telling them, and wait for a marvelous reaction.

Fantasy Map Lamp

You can build this easy DIY lamp in 3 minutes!
This is great for a simple gift! Source: Console to Closet

Difficulty: Done in 3 minutes - less if you speedrun

This is absolutely beautiful, and you can do it with pretty much ANY fantasy map you like.

Super Mario Blocks

Bring the DIY Super Mario blocks home!
Pixelate your home with these Mario blocks! Source: Gamer Evolution

Difficulty: A monkey could have done it

Print it, cut it, fold it. You can easily personalize the size too. It’s look great for simple decor on the bedroom: stack three of them on your table for extra lives when you bring a girl over.

Zelda Cork Board

Easy and beautiful Zelda inspired cork board!
How about you get a life? Source: Mortem3r

Difficulty: Adept

Nothing like beautiful stuff that’s also practical. Click here for the original tutorial by Mortem3r!

Link’s Hylian Shield

DIY game decor: Link's shield from Legend of Zelda in cardboard!
I wonder if Link's shield protects against regular home spiders. Source: Nighty Night Sky

Difficulty: You better call Saul

I found a number of options for this one, but the one in the image above was the one that wasn’t too complicated, looks cool, and you can do with just cardboard, glue and patience. I also recommend this one if you want something simpler that you can just paint instead of cutting and folding for hours. Or, if you want something that looks AMAZING but requires a bunch of craftsmanship, there’s also this.

Flying Keys from Harry Potter

Interior decor: Never lose your keys again! Oh, wait.
Now this is an interesting way of storing keys (it really isn't). Source: Prof. McGonagall

Difficulty: Easier than saying Leviosa

These are incredibly charming little buggers. And as you can imagine, it’s a pretty straightforward DIY. Just make sure you hang them high enough so that nobody tall is going to bump on them all the time. Unless that’s your goal. Then, give them hell.

Westero’s Points of Interest

Exterior decor signs: Don't get lost in Westeros
Believe me, getting lost in Westeros is a bad idea. Source: Homesthetics

Difficulty: Even Jon Snow knows

I found these for sale, but come on, you can imagine how one could paint on irregular chops of wood. And as always, this doesn’t have to be limited to Westeros’ map, you can use any fantasy location you love. Talk about confusing the neighbours.

The Walking Dead Warning Sign

Kitchen decor: Use this Walking Dead sign with caution (people tend to ignore it)
Don't Dead Open Inside? What? Source: Trendy New Designers

Difficulty: Relative to your intentions

This was recommended for Halloween (which is right around the corner), but I can totally see how that would make a nice message to stick on your bedroom door - or even your front door during Halloween.

Also, who else first read that as “don’t dead open inside”?

There you go! Geekier than ever and not poor! Did you like these ideas? What other ideas do you recommend? Let us know in the comments and follow us on Facebook for more awesome tips!

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