Up-cycling is one of the hottest trends right now, and also a step in the right direction: a more eco friendly way of living. Something as simple as a wine bottle you’d throw away without thinking can be transformed into a unique candle holder or glass. From trash to gold, with only your creativity and some tools, create pieces your own way and even wow your guests with up-cycled party decorations.

Recycling vs. Up-cycling

Everybody is pretty familiar already with recycling. It consists in breaking down the materials like plastic, paper, metal, glass into a raw form, in order to get utilized again in another product. That may lessen the quality. In the other hand, up-cycling doesn’t break down the substances. It’s a way of redesign, changing the product but having the end result of the same material. To up-cycle a product is transforming the common into a more fashionable piece, giving it a brand new life and use, even turning into art. Both ways are incredibly great for the environment, at the same time that you get an exclusive artifact and the satisfaction of making it with your own hands.

Wine Candle

DIY convert a wine bottle into a candle
A chard candle Cambria Wines

Setting the mood with a wine bottle just took a whole new meaning with this candle holder. Get that sensuality of wine in the classiest way. There are really beautiful and well designed brands in the market that you can use for different styles and colors. For the candle itself, with the wax you can choose the scent you want, even a white or red scented oil combined with a hint of spicy chili chocolate or vanilla. More instructions here.

Grow Your Own

Wine planters you can do yourself
Wine planters DIY Ready

Using a glass or plastic bottle, make a terrarium for your spices and small plants. Takes just a little bit of space and can be easily placed and taken care of in apartments. Marking the name with a black sticker or chalkboard paint makes it a lot easier to recognize as well, especially at the first stages, when it’s only seeding. More at DIY Ready.

Decor for Book Lovers

Cut out candle decor for a living room coffee table
Candle decor The Wicker House

Not only a cute way to decorate, but a nice customized gift. Imagine using pages of your favorite book (a second copy, of course) to decorate your bedroom. The entire bottle can be covered with pages, or like the picture, cut in shapes of flowers, animals. Thrift shops near you will probably have awesome cheap old books that work great too, since they’ll have that antique and mysterious look. Instructions at The Wicker House.

Glass Etched Quote Bottles

DIY upright candle holders
Wine bottle candle holders Chicacircle

Adding the quotes to the bottles and reusing to serve your guests fresh water or juice during the day it’s a subtle but creative touch to the table. At night just add candles to them and see it in a whole different light. Click here to learn how to make these.

Wall Flower Vases

Clear glass bottle flower vases
Glass vase Saved By Love Creations

Simply an adorable delicate touch of color and nature to the house. The solitary vases are easy to make, with the option of putting them on the rustic wood board, or just leaving them around at the house or on table tops. See instructions.

Tiki Torches

DIY exterior porch tiki torch bottles
Tiki torches Armchair Sommelier

For a new take on tiki torches, use bottles and play with pebble colors for a stylish outdoor party. Click here to learn how to make them.

Alternative Plant Watering

When your plant has a drinking problem
Alt watering vamshare

This method it’s particularly awesome if you’re going on a long trip and there’s not a single friend that wanted to take care of your plants. The plant nanny releases water slowly, so they’ll still be alive when you come back. More here.

Chalkboard Message in a Bottle

Chalk paint can make a DIY project out of anything
Chalk bottles Domestically Speaking

Painting with chalkboard paint has become one of the easiest and transforming DIY ideas. It’s used in frames, bottles, decoration, walls, furniture and more. For a new way of the message in a bottle, with chalkboard paint and white paint for the details, you can use and reuse anytime you want. How To on Domestically Speaking.

Drinking Shelves

Shelving units from nothing more than wood, wine bottles, and free time
Alternative shelving Apartment Therapy

Seems both fragile and cool, but it’s actually quite strong. So go full force on the decor of your bar with these bottle shelves. The wood can be painted any color, but a more rustic wood with a dark varnish looks more like a badass old school bar. More here.

Shot Glasses

Glass bottle shot glasses are awesome
Shot glasses Recyclart

No reason to waste! A couple of bottles when cut can provide you with two big drinking glasses and also shot glasses. Be careful to follow all the safety tips and to sand the edges until it’s completely smooth. Learn how to make them at Recyclart.

Hinged Keepsake

DIY Jack jewelry box
Jack box Pinterest

Who’d think that a whisky bottle could turn into a cool keepsake, jewelry box just by cutting, sanding and adding a hinge? Also awesome to put at the bar area to display snacks like peanuts or pistachios, or having multiple keepsakes storing cherries, lime wedges and more for the coolest cocktail bar.

Recycled Wind Chime

Wind chimes that you can craft yourself
Wind chimes Recyclart

With another way of cutting and polishing, you get a unique wind chime. Personalize the sounds by adding different metal charms. For an outdoor date idea, this can be turned into a candle holder. Place multiple bottles of candle holders and a wind chime on a tree and wait for the magic sounds and light.

Soap Dispenser

Jack soap dispenser for bathrooms
Soapy Curly Birds

A Rock N’Roll bathroom needs an equally rocking soap dispenser. It’s such a small detail, but there’s no need to have a boring bathroom. Any bottle can be used, so depending on your style, create your own dispenser. From classic Jack Daniel’s, to fine champagne, colorful Mexican tequila bottles, the brands are endless. To be even more authentic, buy liquid soap with a color close to the original liquor. Just be careful not to get confused at an early morning if you’re half-asleep and already in the mood for a drink. Super quick gift idea. Learn more.

Glitter Dipped

Classy painted jars around the home
Beautiful bottles Decor8

Incredibly classy, modern and simple to make. They look so expensive, it’s hard to believe they were just a few empty bottles before. In case you’re not a big fan of glitter, a paint dipped technique will already work amazingly. But with just the very bottom of the bottles painted with glitter, it’s a touch of shimmer and extra glamour.

Magic Lights

Fairy lights make every home a little more magical
Fairy lights This Old House

The fairy lights look so magical inside the bottles. Used for parties, dates, or just around the house, it’s a great touch in a quick way. Invest in good LED lights, though. The cheap knockoff ones tend to be weaker and overheat, leading to melting plastic. Other than that, go crazy on fairy lights!


Do it yourself terrarium in a bottle
DIY garden Viral Nova

The side bottle terrarium looks so classy on a rustic table. Succulents work really well since not a lot of water is needed. The cork holding the bottle it’s a nice touch.

Bird Feeder

Bird feeding bottles for your backyard
Bird feeder The Garden Love

Hearing birds singing early in the morning it’s very relaxing. Contribute with wild life while being eco friendly and stylish with this bird feeder. Invite nature in your yard with a nice (non-alcoholic) drink.

Spray Painted Party Decor

Lovely little DIY flower pot holders for the backyard
Flower pots HomeTalk

Mistake-free way of transforming any piece. For a party decoration, if uniformity is what you want, use the same spray.

Gold or silver paint can completely change the face of a bottle
More kitchen crafting ideas Source

For something ultra chic, get gold or silver paint. Even a cheap plastic bottle looks like you bought it from a high end store. More ideas and details here.


Anything is possible with DIY indoor bottle projects
Glass glasses 366 Days of Pinterest

DIY glasses for cool cocktails and drinks. With the same method of cutting glass it’s possible to do candle holders, paint brush holders, and many ideas more. Learn how to make it.

Vintage Light Fixtures

Create medieval lamps out of old bottles
Lamps Etsy

The liquor bottle light fixture it’s such a nice touch. It has that medieval/renaissance feel to it. Adventure yourself to make your own.

Colorful Chandeliers

Entire DIY indoor chandeliers
Kitchen lighting vamshare

For chandeliers that look amazing, colorful and artistic, using bottles can have great results. Get inspired by these two and create your own. For such a big piece, it’s advisable to have an electrician finish that part, and check out if all the fixtures are well put so nothing falls out of place.

Multi colored lighting ideas for a dining room
Colorful lighting fixtures Green Moxie

Modern Cut Vases

Modern cut vases in a living room
Modern cuts My Desired Home

Putting color in the house takes only a few minutes with this idea. On this version, all labels are taken off for a modern look. The gradient display of different shades of green is subtle, artsy and can be done in any colors.

Hanging Bottles

Glass and lighting just go so well together
Bottle chandelier 715k

Rustic and a powerful statement, the wow light factor certainly will add that exotic and rustic vibe to your dining room. If you want the DIY version, you’ll be able to choose every single bottle and material there, which will end up in a completely unique piece. Add a detail only you will know, like picking the years of a few wine bottles in honor of your loved ones birthdays, or special dates you want to remember. Click here for more.

The most important part of any project here it’s creating something only you will have. Everybody it’s so used to using nonstop, just disposing away the empty and used, with little constructing of their own. With up-cycling it’s a chance to use your hands and creativity to look at simple and mundane things around you, and in them to find and create beauty.

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