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Whether you work from home or find yourself constantly bringing work home, you may be wondering why you don’t seem to get as much done as you would in an office. The space in which you work has a direct effect on the quality of your work and your level of productivity. Using simple decor tips and tricks, you can quickly and easily boost your productivity so you can stay focused and work efficiently.


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If your home office or work area is in a space that gets a lot of natural light, you’re already ahead of the game. According to one study, natural light had a positive effect on test-takers and store customers. Natural light also cuts down on the strain your eyes can feel from staring at a computer screen for so long. If you have a space with big, open windows, take advantage of it. Can’t get enough natural light? Try light therapy instead. Light therapy gets your body’s internal clock back on track to keep you energized, focused, and productive.


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Speaking of eye strain, did you know that your computer monitor should be 20-26 inches away from you with the top of your monitor at eye level? Proper ergonomics will help you stay focused on working rather than on back pain or eye strain. There are many ergonomic tips available to get you situated properly and keep you focused and productive.


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While there has been some debate on whether clutter promotes creativity or not, it is widely accepted that having a clutter-free workspace enhances your productivity levels. Unfortunately, if you work from home, it’s not only your workspace that you need to keep clean. Other rooms in the house such as the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room you routinely walk through while taking a break from working can have a negative effect on your productivity. By keeping your entire house clean, neat, and clutter-free, you’ll keep yourself grounded and focused.


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With color psychology quickly gaining a reputation as a go-to source for interior design, you can be sure it can help you redesign your workspace to make a more positive and productive working environment. Blue is the most widely used color to create a calm, productive environment. Green is a close second since it is also a calming color and doesn’t strain the eyes. If you need a little bit of creativity in your work, opt for yellow or orange accents in your workspace. Finally, choose red if your job requires physical activity since it stimulates the body. While painting your walls is certainly one of the easiest ways to bring a productive color into your home, you can always decorate your home with lamps, shelves, or furniture of the color you prefer.

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