Whether you’re trying to type out an email or paint a masterpiece, you’ve most likely experienced some form of a creativity block. Everyone experiences them every once in awhile. When they start happening frequently or when your entire household experiences them, perhaps it’s time to change up your home’s atmosphere by switching up your decor. Here are some great ways to improve creativity by making your home decor work for you.

Wall Color

Blue interior painting enhances your perceptions
Creative blue Decor Pad

There have been many psychological studies done on how paint colors affect mood, atmosphere, and creativity. The most popular colors for boosting creativity are blue, orange, and green. Before you head down to your local home improvement store and stock up on gallons of paint, you also have to take into consideration how you react to the colors. While blue seems to promote creative thinking, it can also calm you to the point of wanting to take a nap rather than work. Orange is great in small doses, but many people find it too overwhelming to have an entire wall, let alone an entire room, painted orange. Green is found everywhere in nature but some people find that certain shades of green make them feel like they’re in the jungle. Find out which color works best for you and find a way to incorporate it into your home. If you don’t want to make the commitment to painting an entire room or wall, use accent pieces to bring in some color. Pillows, chairs, even shelves are great ways to bring a creative color into a space.

Indoor Plants

Talk to some plants to get the juices flowing
Plant life The Guardian

Green is one of the most popular colors for boosting creativity because it’s found in nature. Most people feel more creative when walking through a field or a forest than when sitting in front of a desk. Instead of taking your laptop on your next hike, bring some of the great outdoors inside by putting a few houseplants in your work space. Aside from being natural and green, plants also purify the air and make your area feel homey and natural. If you want to purify the air even more, consider getting a Himalayan pink salt lamp. Many people use these lamps throughout their homes to promote health and wellness.


Custom mood lighting is always an important part of the creative process
Dim the lights Dornob

For optimal creativity, turn down your lights. Studies show that working in dim lighting promotes freedom and boosts creative thinking. You can easily have a dimmer switch installed so you can completely control how dim your room is. If that’s not an option, sometimes simply the idea of darkness can promote creativity. Take about five minutes to recall the feeling of being in darkness to give your creative thinking an instant jumpstart.

Ambient Sounds

Sound and music are key
Creative music Abduzeedo

If you ever needed an excuse to buy a new set of bluetooth speakers, now you have it. For creating an optimal space for creativity, ambient sounds or music of about 70 decibels helps stimulate your creative thinking process. The most common ambient sound comes from a coffee shop. If you have ever wondered why you get so much more work done at a coffee shop than at home, you’re not alone. Research has shown that the ambient noise and sounds of coffee shops is at the perfect decibel level to drastically increase creativity and focus. There are many sites online dedicated to providing you with free ambient noise from coffee shops to help keep you thinking outside the box.

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