Moms everywhere deserve a little extra something for Mother’s Day, but if you live far away from your mom, you’re probably trying to figure out how to show her you love her and appreciate her with more than a simple card or some flowers and chocolates. Well, you’re in luck! Here are five creative ways to celebrate a loved one from afar.

Virtual Baby Shower

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I woke up this Monday morning thinking it was going to be an ordinary Monday.

So you can imagine my surprise when I hopped on my computer to discover a Virtual Baby Shower happening in blogland in my honor! That’s right: 18 of my dear blog friends conspired to throw a big ‘ole bash on their blogs to celebrate the June arrival of our Baby Girl.

Each gal contributed something unique to the virtual baby shower in the form of a blog post - everything from recipes to decor ideas to shower games to gifts complete with step-by-step tutorials. And since this was all happening publicly on their blogs, anyone and everyone was invited to attend. I think it might go down in history as one of the largest baby showers eva’.

When your friend or family member is now a mom-to-be, you want to do everything you can to celebrate with her. Unfortunately, if you live far away, traveling can be exhausting and expensive. Instead of spending your savings account on plane tickets and hotel rooms, throw a virtual baby shower instead! You get to celebrate with your best friend without depleting your bank account.

Virtual Surprise Party

Celebrate from afar with a virtual surprise party
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My experience after Monday’s Virtual Baby Shower has made me a forever-fan of his idea. And you don’t need a group of bloggers to pull it off either. Co-conspirators can use social media to share their contributions featuring personal messages for the recipient.

One of the best parts of a virtual baby shower or birthday party? You can totally attend in your pjs!

You can also use a virtual surprise party to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom! If she’s on social media (or has her own blog), get a bunch of friends and family to help you throw a virtual surprise party for her. She’ll love it!

A Gift A Day

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For my 30th birthday, my parents gave me an epically awesome gift. Or rather, they gave me 30 gifts that I could open over the course of 30 days around my 30th birthday. I felt their sweet presence with me each day as I opened another treasure: everything from chocolate to drawing pencils to a CD to Girl Scout Cookies (one of the greatest gifts of all).

You can certainly do a gift a day for Mother’s Day as well, turning it into more of a Mother’s Month! A day is not long enough to celebrate our moms, so why not make it into a whole month?

TIP: Overwhelmed by the task of coming up with 30 small gifts? Invite friends and family to contribute items into the mix and make it a group gift! The more participants, the merrier.

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