For many homeowners who are in the process of remodeling their kitchen or bathroom, the sink often takes a back seat. Sinks rarely get the attention they deserve and are often considered practical necessities rather than beautiful design elements. Fortunately, they can be both. From concrete to glass, modern techniques and materials are allowing manufacturers to create stunning and useful sinks for both kitchens and bathrooms. These unusual, unique, and creative sinks are perfect for any homeowner looking for that wow factor in their kitchen or bathroom.

Erosion Sink

This custom made erosion sink has a definitive look and feel
Photo Courtesy of Gore Design Co.

The Erosion Sink was created by Gore Design, a company that is determined to use materials in the way they were meant to be used, as naturally and honestly as possible. The Erosion Sink is one such example of their expert craftsmanship. This concrete sink is a reminder and a symbol of how the force of water can impact nature. It is raw, natural, and honest, qualities that are not normally seen in a sink but make it even more beautiful in its own way.

Mystic Bar Sink

The coolest bar sink for a kitchen
Photo Courtesy of Elkay

For homeowners looking for more of a fun, night-life sink rather than a raw, philosophical one, the Mystic Stainless Steel Bar Sink by Elkay is a great choice. This stainless steel undermount sink is shaped like a martini glass and makes the perfect sink for any martini lover with a home bar. Elkay even has a matching faucet that has a martini olive handle.

Aquarium Sink

An aquarium for a sink makes for an incredibly custom bathroom
Photo Courtesy of Opulent Items

The Moody Aquarium Sink is by far one of the most unique sinks a homeowner could have. It is the perfect sink for those who love animals (especially fish) and those who can also appreciate such an unusual and eccentric design. While this is certainly a sink, it is also designed to be a fully functional fish tank complete with feeding entries, oxygenation, and water filtration and circulation. The Moody Aquarium Sink is available at Opulent Items.

Motif Basin

Amazing bathroom sink design options
Photo Courtesy of Omvivo

For homeowners who are looking for their sink to double as an elegant work of art, the Motif Basin from Omvivo is the perfect choice. This sink is elegant and functional with its etched glass sink base. The sink base seems to hover over the counter and casts a delightful and stunning shadow on the countertop beneath it. The Motif Basin is available in a pebble glass finish, a kaleidoscope glass finish, and a forest glass finish.

Ammonite Concrete Sink

Stylish aquatic fossil design for a bathroom sink
Photo Courtesy of Woodwood Group

Collectors of ammonite shells and homeowners looking for a beautifully organic sink will both love this Ammonite Washbasin by HighTech. This concrete sink is based off the shape and design of an ammonite shell and creates a mesmerizing and eye-catching sink perfect for any home. This spiral flow of water down this sink will no doubt captivate anyone who uses it.

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