If you feel like you never have enough time to do all the DIY projects you want, you’re in luck. 2016 is a leap year, which means you get an extra 24 hours at the end of February to complete all the DIY projects you’ve been wanting to finish. To give you a little spark of inspiration we’ve put together a quick list of fun, funky, and always spring-inspired DIY projects to make your DIY Day full of new possibilities.

Happy Frog Gardener

A happy painted potted frog, because
Happy potted frog Craft Ideas

The frog has become the unofficial mascot of the leap year, mainly because of their penchant for leaping. To celebrate this leap year and to get you thinking about your spring garden and landscaping, here’s a cute happy frog gardener made out of a terracotta pot. This would make an adorable addition to any garden, especially if you put him next to a DIY modern water feature.

Lily Pond in a Vase

Start growing your plants early and get a head start on your yard
Lily pong vase jar Martha Stewart

While it may be too cold to think about planting seeds, you can always bring the gardening indoors. A wonderful way to add some color and life to your home is by creating a simple lily pond in a vase. These are sure to get you in the spring mood and they look great as part of a tablescape or on your mantel.

Tea Cup Succulent

Indoor garden tips: tea cup succulents
Tea cup garden Your Home Based Mom

Succulents are perfect for indoor gardening because many of them are extremely easy to care for and do very well indoors. To add a hint of vintage springtime charm to your interior design, make these tea cup succulents. All you need are some vintage tea cups from a yard sale or local thrift shop, some soil, and the succulents of your choice.

Indoor Herb Garden

Gardening, not just for your exterior lawn, but also your interior walls
Living wall art Camille Styles

If your green thumb is itching to get outside and start planting but the ground is still frozen, consider starting your gardening indoors with an indoor herb garden. You’ll have fresh herbs for cooking and you’ll be able to keep your green thumb from turning blue out in the still frozen soil. There are many different ways to create an indoor herb garden, so you’ll be able to satisfy your gardening need while keeping with the style of your home.

Umbrella Wreath with Flowers

Fill an umbrella on your front door with plants, because why not?
Front door garden Forever Moe

Since April is generally considered the rainiest month of the year, you probably won’t be needing your umbrella on February 29th. Instead of letting it take up room in your home, why not turn it into a beautiful door decoration? Fill it with flowers and hang it on your door to welcome your friends and family and to get you in the spring spirit.

Throw a Leap Year Party

Throw a tea party with some friends
Frog decor Kara's Party Ideas

If DIY projects aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy your extra day by throwing a leap year party on February 29th. Go crazy with frog decorations, frog cupcakes, and even by playing leapfrog with your friends and family. Have fun and enjoy your extra 24 hours!

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