There are many ways to tend to your garden, and one of the most beneficial methods is to add mulch to your yard. Not only will this allow for the garden to look more uniform and organized, it is also quite beneficial to your plant life. Mulch provides a cheap way to protect your plants from organic issues and keeps the yard looking neat. You can talk to a professional to learn more about what mulching can do for your yard. Otherwise here are some black mulch landscaping ideas.

”Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.” - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Benefits of Using Mulch

The purple really brings out the flowers
Black mulch can accent your garden. Source: Fabulous Flower Beds

Most lawn care professionals agree that there are numerous benefits associated with adding mulch to a yard. Nothing can quite replace the full effects of mulch, even though there are other options available that work similarly. Because when it comes to landscaping ideas, mulch beds take the cake. Here are just some of the ways that having mulch in your backyard can help out your garden:

  • Looks - Makes the garden more attractive
  • Insects - Repels ticks, fleas, and gnats
  • Protection - Resists mechanical damage, like such from weed whackers
  • Insulation - Keeps plants warmer for the winter
  • Weeds - Reduces the amount of weeds in your garden
  • Moisture - Retains moisture for your plants
  • Nutrients - Eventually mulch will break down into nutrient rich soil, which will enhance your plants’ growth

Using Mulch as an Accent

Rocks especially stand out in black mulch
Make your garden really stand out with black mulching. Source: eBay

Again, mulch is also a very visual choice for gardeners. Because it creates instant borders around small trees, shrubs, and flower beds, landscaping ideas with mulch and rocks can prove to be very useful. So use mulch as an accent around these beds, not just for the look, but also for the health benefits listed above. It will make your garden a happier, healthier, better looking place to unwind.

The “3 Inches” Rule

When it comes to mulching, you don’t want to use too much or too little. So the right amount seems to consistently be three inches worth of mulch. Be sure to thin it out near the borders, as there is no added benefit to having a pile of mulch not surrounding a plant or shrub. As you’ll notice in mulch landscaping pictures, the main concentration of mulching is always around the base of the plant.

Adding Mulch to an Area

What could stand out more than perfect rock placement.
Gardening done right. Source: Creative Environments

Usually black mulch landscaping ideas revolve around laying down mulch around a flower bed (or a similar backyard feature). And while the process is simple, it is still worth noting that there is a proper way to lay down mulch. Here’s how to install mulch around the plants in your backyard:

  1. First - Water the area before you lay the mulch down
  2. Next - Remove any weeds from said area
  3. Then - Then add the mulch
  4. Finally - Replenish mulch as needed

Why Black Mulch?

Backyard gardening with a little organic flair
Look at that nice blend of mulch and gravel. Source: Cut Above

Black (and basically any dark colored) mulch has the unique property of retaining heat from sunlight due to its coloring. This provides a huge advantage in cooler regions, but might affect plants negatively in warmer areas. This means that black mulch ideas should revolve around keeping plants as warm as possible for as long as possible. Otherwise the different effects of black mulch are as follows:

  • Warms up the soil
  • Stops plant diseases
  • Keeps edible plants clean
  • Halts nutrient leaching
  • Better weed control
  • Looks different

Knowing Your Mulch

The best way to manage your garden
A rock lined garden filled with mulch. Source: My Amazing Things

Your backyard mulch ideas should also reflect your budget, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Therefore another big part of mulching is knowing just which mulch to use, and which ones to never touch. Of course most mulches have their merit, but some products you should just stay away from altogether. Here’s a short list on both.

Good Mulches

  • Stone mulch
  • Peat moss
  • Living mulch
  • Sweet peat
  • Coco bark
  • Soil conditioner
  • Bark mulch

Bad Mulches

  • Plastic
  • Fabric weed barriers
  • Rubber
  • Cedar mulch
  • Double-ground hardwood
  • Wood chips

Looking for suggestions on how to use black mulch around your garden? Why not consult a professional and get a free estimate? Also be sure to check out our Facebook page for the latest tips and suggestions.

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